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Slots tags are a quick and simple way of identifying themes which run across all the online slots games which are reviewed in our online slots guide. These help you to discover new online slot games which you otherwise might not have come across.

Tag: football

GameSummaryCompare Slots by Checking these boxesCompare Slots by Checking these boxes
Global Cup Soccer 3 Reels 1 Paylines full review »
Soccer Safari 5 Reels 30 Paylines +Free Spins +Go For Goal Bonus +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Football Frenzy 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Bonus Game, Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Field of Green 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Bonus Game, Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Football Rules 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Bonus Game +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Game On 3 Reels 1 Paylines +Gamble Nudge full review »
Sports Night 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Bars and Stripes 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Bonus Prize +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Free Kick 5 Reels 9 Paylines +Bonus Game +Wilds +Scatters full review »
Worldcup Mania 5 Reels 15 Paylines +Free Spins, Bonus Game +Wilds +Scatters full review »
The $5Million Touchdown Top Voted5 Reels 20 Paylines +Bonus Game, Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review »

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