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08 May 2011, Good Morning
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UIGEA, the latest update in the situation in 2011
casino blog
07 May 2011

UIGEA, the latest update in the situation in 2011                                                                                                                                                       UIGEA, the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act came into effect back in 2006 to prevent financial institutions from transferring funds to online gambling operators and the initial aim was to stop financial transactions to offshore online casinos. It does not prevent the individual from placing bets on offshore online casinos just US financial institutions but it did lead to a dramatic decline in many online casinos accepting US players.

Operators like Party Gaming stopped its US operations immediately even before the legislation came into effect causing its stock price to drop by 60%. Another major player, Microgaming which powers approximately 100 online casinos also stopped business with US players causing a drastic reduction in their prices too.

In an attempt to change the dramatic effects that the UIGEA had on the online gambling industry a bill called the Barney Frank’s HR 2267 was introduced to the House Financial Services Committee but unfortunately it was not voted on in time by the House of Representatives so the initial full UIGEA came into effect on June 1st 2010. This meant that the HR 2267 bill had to be re-introduced making it a sure fact that any amendments would not take place to the legislation until a much later date.

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Britney Spears performs special show in Las Vegas Palms, Rain nightclub
casino blog
06 May 2011

Wherever Britney Spears performs anywhere in the world there is always a frenzied audience that greets her and when she appeared on stage in Las Vegas at the Rain nightclub this was no exception. Wearing one of her usual stunningly sexy outfits she sang her first song ‘Hold it Against Me’ as she was surrounded by her sexy male dancers and the audience simply went wild. The whole set was geared up with a wind machine that had her long blonde locks floating away with the lyrics of her song as she pumped up the energy around her.

Britney’s usual lively and energetic performance with her dancers had her fans rocking with her throughout her rendition and the music kept upbeat the whole time as she lunged into her second song ‘Big Fat Bass’. Britney really knows how to grab her fans with her antics and as she danced around the stage, climbing on speakers and literally she sent the crowd into a real frenzy. This track had been remixed to include past hits such as ‘3’, ‘Slave 4 U’ and ‘Gimme More’ which her fans really appreciated as they got louder as Britney strode around the stage.

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Review of Terme di Saturnia Spa
casino blog
05 May 2011

Tuscany, Italy is known as one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth, and at its heart is the Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort. For a real Italian spa experience, this is the place to be. It sits only three miles from the ancient Italian town of Saturnia.

The spa sits on a huge park with walkways of stone which lead you to the entrance of the resort. This area was chosen for a reason - nearby there are babbling streams of thermal waters which come from deep under the Earth’s surface that are renowned for their therapeutic properties.

This mineral rich water is what feeds some of the spa’s thermal pools. It is packed with sulphur and carbon which heals the body as the skin absorbs its substance. And of course the natural warmth is also great to cure the body’s aches and pains.

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The Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana
casino blog
04 May 2011

The Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana                                                                                                                                                           For a superb lesson in the history of the Mob then the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana is one of the best experiences that a visitor will ever have the chance of getting involved in. This interactive experience takes the visitor from the days of Prohibition to Las Vegas and demonstrates the dramatic downfall of the Mafia in a way that will leave them speechless.

Using the most up to date technology that makes each visitors experience unique you can choose which celebrity guide will escort you through the exhibition so whether you would like Mickey Rourke or Tony Sirico as a guide it is up to you to decide making the whole process really personal.

Your guide will take you through a maze of alley ways that lead to a door that leads you into a Speakeasy and then a warehouse that has a hidden exit. You get to play a role through the entire tour and can choose to answer questions and make decisions on whether to join a gang or ‘rat’ on the wise guys who approach you by pointing them out to a cop down the street.

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Tags: las vegas, tropicana, the godfather, mickey rourke, las vegas mob, mob experience,
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Review of Shadow Creek Golf Course
casino blog
03 May 2011

Review of Shadow Creek Golf Course                                                                                                                                                                      Shadow Creek is probably the most unique golf course in the entire world. It was created on a desolate piece of land to become a typical Las Vegas feature built out of nothing into an extraordinary landscape. Everything about it is larger than life, from the huge pine trees that line the fairways to the crystal clear lakes that appear to have no boundaries.

It is one of the most exclusive, most expensive and most improbable golf courses in the whole of America. It has a waterfall with a creek that runs down the left side of one of the holes and across the green and offers players a game of golf that no other course in the world will ever offer them.

This 18 hole course was the creation of Steve Wynn, who developed Casinos in Las Vegas. He was responsible for some of the most extraordinary features that have appeared in the city and with his golf course he managed to create something that many people have marveled at since it was first built.

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Review of Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock
casino blog
02 May 2011

Review of Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock                                                                                                                                                                  The Arroyo Golf Club is often referred to as the premier private golf club in Las Vegas. Designed by Arnold Palmer in 2003 this much liked course is open to the public who have raved about it ever since it was first opened. The Red Rock Country Club boasts 738 acres of lush land and the course is kept perfectly manicured to ensure that players get the best golfing that can be found in the area. It offers all the players who come to Red Rock the opportunity of living a day in style in a private club atmosphere that is a real treat.

The 18 hole course is challenging but not too intimidating so it is fantastic for the casual golfer who just wants a day’s golfing in beautiful surroundings. The only complaints are that often the tee times are a little too close together which means that there can be a little waiting at every hole but on the whole most who come to Red Rock leave with a memory of a great day’s golf.

The incredible setting with the Red Rock Mountains in the backdrop and the friendly staff at the Arroyo Golf Club will make you feel welcome from the moment that you arrive at the fabulous club house. You will be treated as if you have just entered an exclusive private club and the cost of days golfing is well in the reach of most people making Red Rock a firm favorite when it comes to golfing destinations.

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Review of The Givenchy Spa
casino blog
22 April 2011

Review of The Givenchy SpaMauritius: a holiday destination on most people’s list. And why? Because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, sat in the heart of the Indian Ocean surrounded by beautiful sparkling waters and lined with white, sandy beaches and covered in tropical vegetation.

The Givenchy Spa at Le Saint Géran Hotel sits on the east coast of the island, with a fresh, cool breeze blowing in from the south. The region is immersed in sunlight with pleasantly warm climates for most of the year making it a perfect getaway.

The spa boasts eight treatment rooms where you can indulge in one of the many therapies. The three signature treatments are all designed to rejuvenate the body and mind and bring back your youthful self in the hands of the expert therapists. A massage is also a wonderful way to relieve stress and remove tension, while the muscles are relaxed using a superb array of essential oils with healing ingredients.

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Review of Serenity Spa
casino blog
21 April 2011

Review of Serenity SpaThe Serenity Spa is nestled into the beautiful English countryside in County Durham, with its rolling hills and wonderful lighthouse right on the coast where the raging waves crash against the shore. The spa is housed inside a Georgian style building, reflecting some of the country’s history.

The spa has won awards including the Best Spa for Style by the Sunday Times, a national British newspaper, as well as Best UK Spa by Condé Nast Traveller. These awards prove the popularity of the complex.

Feng Shui is the inspiration for this spa’s oriental decor, and the entire place is clad with limestone, granite and teak to add to the tranquil and serene atmosphere making it a place where deep relaxation and meditation is possible.

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Walking Tour with Professional Photographer in the Big Apple
casino blog
17 April 2011

Walking Tour with Professional Photographer in the Big AppleThe New York City Walking Tour with Professional Photographer offers an irresistible chance for visitors to explore the city with a photographer as the tour guide. However, not everyone can afford professional cameras and posses the skills of handling them. Traveling with the heavy bulk is not an easy feat either, so most people prefer the handy and lightweight digital cameras which produce pictures of far less quality.

The assigned photographer is charged with the duties of bringing the customers to the famous landmarks around New York City and to offer his photography service when needed. Services can be catered from individual to group tours but not party tours where you walk around with complete strangers. This is certainly a perk to those who prefer to take a stroll to the places at their own pace.

New York City is a big place and it is quite impossible to finish up a tour on foot here. The majority of the tour is concentrated around the Manhattan area such as the Downtown and Midtown Manhattans, where many famous attractions are found. Pictures can be taken overlooking the famous Rockefeller Centre, the busy 5th Avenue and more along the Soho and Greenwich buildings around Downtown Manhattan.

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Tags: new york, new york city, photography, times square, central park, photographs, walking tour,
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Fly in Style with the Cirrus X Edition
casino blog
16 April 2011

Fly in Style with the Cirrus X EditionFlying private aircrafts is a new trend and now, most people are able to indulge in this hobby. It is a private yet fun way to travel and most importantly you get to escape the hassle of the airport. Why wait in the line to check-in and travel with a big bunch of people when you can afford to travel in style with your own private aircraft?

The Cirrus Aircraft Corporation has been producing private jets for the past 26 years since 1984 and has won numerous accolades for their lightweight aircrafts. The corporation has built one of the most technologically advanced lightweight jets, namely the Cirrus SR (Single Reciprocating) Series and the SR22 is the bestseller to date. The aircraft models are famous for the side yoke flight control instead of the traditional centre yoke.

Now, the corporation offers a new line of luxury private jets that can take you anywhere that you want; the Cirrus X Edition. The Cirrus X Edition is basically a buyer customized aircraft with a touch of class. The available aircraft models for the X Edition customization include the SR20 and SR22.

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