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Exclusive, Unique Gifts - A Personalized Wax Sculpture
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29 June 2010

With all the many forms of digital media available to the public in this day and age, you can have your photo snapped with a multitude of a devices and, unfortunately, even without your knowledge. Being immortalized can sometimes be unflattering and, even if you enjoy having your picture taken, there are different ways to live on forever.

A personalized wax sculpture is a great way to impress your loved ones - friends or family - by giving them the ultimate gift of a handcrafted, carefully sculpted wax figure of their image (bust or entire body) or that of something they hold close, like a pet or even an inanimate object.

Wax sculpting has been around for centuries, and while the process has essentially gotten easier due to various types of molds, casts and higher grade waxes, the best artists out there still do things the old fashioned way by actually taking their tools to the sculpture and refining the wax strictly by hand.

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7 Ways to Make your own luck!
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24 July 2009

7 Ways to Make your own luck!1) Be an optimist.
Think about the luckiest person who you know and it’s likely that he or she is a happy extrovert who has an approach on life that is open and relaxed. There is a good reason for this, and that is optimistic people will tend to believe that they generate their own luck. Even more so, these people tend not to dwell on past misfortunes.

This type of person also favours cooperation rather than competition. Thus creating an atmosphere that is positive and welcoming when they interact with other people. This increases the chances for good business networking, and by trusting others, lucky people seem to create opportunities and eventually luck finds them!

2) Learn from your mistakes.
What makes people different is often their reaction to mistakes or failures. Often you’ll find that pessimistic people who brood about mistakes will tend to think of themselves as unlucky. Those who learn from the mistakes and move on will stand to gain more, and make their own luck.

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The chinese social welfare lottery
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04 August 2008

The chinese social welfare lotteryEvery nation seems to have a lottery for their citizens. Dating back to ancient eras, such as China, Greece, and Rome, the powers-that-be would hold prize drawings for their citizens. Various forms of raffles would take place, mostly to prevent upheaval by and large.

Lotteries have grown since then, and we now see them scattered all over the world. The Chinese, in particular, hold their social welfare lottery. This lottery originated from prize-associated fundraising activities which were organized by the civil affairs department as a particular means of performing social relief work.

It was urbanized from conventional charitable fundraising under the socialism market economy conditions. The total number of welfare lottery tickets sold was valued at 114.5 billion during the period of "ten 5-year plans." And this helped to raise more than 40-billion in funding for the country. The money went to caring for the elderly, disabled, helping orphans, and attempting to alleviate poverty.

China, contrary to popular belief, has a very long history of performing charitable acts for its less fortunate. However, since the People’s Republic of China formed, the nongovernment charitable activities in China had almost stopped until the 1980s.

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