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Review of Luxury Gift Frederick E. Hart Liberty & Sacrifice Sculpture
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09 October 2010

Review of Luxury Gift  Frederick E. Hart  Liberty & Sacrifice SculptureAmerican art might be a little less popular in the world art mainstream than art from other countries. This is undoubtedly due to American art being thought of as more modern. Even with the likes of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Normal Rockwell, there’s still not a very big market for the art.

Another great American artist that probably doesn’t make everyone’s top list outside of the United States if Frederick E. Hart. Frederick was a famous and greatly talented sculptor, responsible for works of art that anyone who’s been to America’s war memorials has seen and admired.

Art is sought after by collectors for many reasons, none the least of which is often its rarity. Some paintings will sell for millions, and some are so rare and sought after that money simply isn’t enough for collectors to part with them. Sculptures, on the other hand, are usually in lesser demand due to the resizing and replication that goes on to scale them down for the private market.

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Review of Luxury Gift Royo Painting Sombrilla de Rojo
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08 October 2010

Review of Luxury Gift  Royo Painting  Sombrilla de RojoGifts come in all shapes and sizes, not to even mention price tags. From a new shirt to a new car, there are plenty of things you can pick up for that person you care about. One of the hottest-selling items in recent years has been artwork. Although not every piece of art would be considered a "luxury" gift, because art truly is subjective, some pieces are undeniably luxurious.

Take, for instance, the painting Sombrilla de Rojo by master Spanish painter Royo (not to be confused with Luis Royo - painter of "darker" art pieces). For just under $30,000, you could pick up the luxury gift of a lifetime with this one-of-a-kind painting authenticated by the artist himself.

Sombrilla de Rojo is an original work, oil on canvas, in a beautiful frame standing 46 centimeters tall and 27 centimeters wide. The painting itself is quintessential Royo, featuring a woman in a fall dress with her long hair pinned back in a ponytail. You see the woman’s back with her head turned and tilted to the right, seemingly letting her umbrella down as the weather changes.

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