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Royal Van Lent Launches Luxury Mega Yacht Trident
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24 February 2011

Royal Van Lent Launches Luxury Mega Yacht TridentRoyal Van Lent launches luxury mega yacht Trident shouted the headlines back in 2009 when this amazing yacht was first brought to the attention of the world. The Trident is 65.22 metres long and it offers traveller’s absolutely unparalleled luxury while they are on board. In fact people who have been lucky enough to climb aboard this luxury mega yacht have all been astounded at its features and facilities.

The exterior and interior of the luxury mega yacht Trident was created by Donald Starkey in collaboration with De Voogt who is a renowned naval architect. The exterior of the yacht have clean flowing lines with modern touches here and there such as the glass bulwarks set into semicircular shape extensions which are located on the aft decks. Inside the yacht the decoration is sophisticated, elegant and bright which makes it look more like a luxury hotel than a yacht.

Another stunning feature of the Trident is the elevator which makes people travelling inside it feel as though they are encased in marble. It is this kind of feature that sets the Trident apart from many of the other luxury yachts that are currently sailing today. This is why so many people are keen to climb on board and experience life on board this luxury yacht for themselves.

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A Review of Lady Christine Yacht built by Oceanco
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22 February 2011

A Review of Lady Christine Yacht built by OceancoIn this review of Lady Christine yacht by Oceanco, you will discover why this yacht is so spectacular and well known throughout the world.  Lady Christine is 68 metres in length, so as you can imagine the interior is more spacious than many. This yacht really is one of the most luxurious charters.

The exterior was designed by De Voogt Naval Architects and Rodney Black, a world famous interior designer is responsible for the design of the magnificent interiors. Lady Christine was built in 2001 and has been extremely popular since.

The main entrance is absolutely stunning, with marble flooring, a superbly crafted winding staircase in the centre and murals painted on the curving walls of world locations such as the beautiful Taj Mahal of India.

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A Review of Lady Ann Magee Yacht built by Codecasa
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20 February 2011

A Review of Lady Ann Magee Yacht built by CodecasaThe beautiful Lady Ann Magee yacht built by Codecasa was built in 2001 in Italy. It is an absolutely spectacular yacht with a real feel of luxury and will ensure that you will never forget it.

The builders, Codecasa, established their shipyard in 1825 in Viareggio, Italy and have been extremely popular ever since opening. Since its initial launch in 1825, the shipyard has passed down through the generations and has developed and advanced every step of the way.

Lady Ann Magee is a truly inspiring and beautiful piece of naval architecture, and its aesthetically pleasing exterior design and styling is instantly recognisable. Codecasa are responsible for the design of all parts of this wonderful vessel.

The interiors were designed by Franco, and the exterior styling and all parts of engineering are down to the collective expertise and craftsmanship of the highly professional and artistic Codecasa team.  The yacht was refitted in 2007 to ensure it maintained its excellence.

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A Review of the Black Swan Yacht by Camper & Nicholson
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19 February 2011

A Review of the Black Swan Yacht by Camper & NicholsonThe Black Swan Yacht built by Camper & Nicolsons is a classic yacht that many people dream of owning and sailing. The yacht was commissioned by Major Selwin Calverley and subsequently designed by Charles Ernest Nicholson.

Brynhyld was the original name of the yacht, and it was renamed Changrilla, before its final name was given as Black Swan. It was launched in 1899 from the Camper & Nicholson yard in Gosport, England.

The Black Swan is one of the oldest classic yachts, and is a truly stunning work of art. During the period 2000 to 2002, the yacht was renovated. The planking at the bottom was totally restored along with the entire deck.

During this period the spars (masts) were replaced as well as the rigging, and at the same time the two engines went through a complete rebuild to maintain the efficiency and quality of the yacht. The electrics and plumbing were also totally renewed.

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Luxury Yacht Sales INDEPENDENCE Builder: Perini Navi
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07 October 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales INDEPENDENCE Builder: Perini NaviWhen thinking about how brutal this economy has been for regular Joe’s and Jane’s of the world, one might think that something like a luxury yacht wouldn’t be a high-valued item. However, large yachts are still being built, bought and sold in today’s market. One yacht currently for sale is the impressive Perini Navi-built Independence.

Independence was launched in 1998 by Perini Navi and is one of the largest ships they’ve built. Coming in at just over 173-feet, Independence is a sophisticated sailing yacht with a classy exterior design and a luxurious and spacious interior that’s one of a kind. Perini Navi took care of most of the design in-house, and the builder proved it had a knack for design.

Like a lot of yachts out there, it’s customary for a refitting or restyling process after 10 years or so. Independence was no exception, and she was recently refitted in 2008 with new sailing gear, new interior and exterior design features, and a complete overhaul in the entertainment department with many new features added in.

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Luxury Yacht Sales KOKOMO Builder: Alloy Yachts
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06 October 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales KOKOMO Builder: Alloy YachtsYachts in today’s world are bigger, longer and faster than most yachts previous. It’s not that yachts in general are getting larger, but the demand for private ownership of mega yachts is increasing the world over, even in this time of economic downturn. One of the newer yachts to be built and placed on the market is 2009’s Kokomo.

Kokomo is a very impressive sailing yacht, coming in at 58.4 meters and built by world renowned shipbuilder Alloy Yachts. As you can probably glean from their name, Alloy is a state-of-the-art shipbuilder, employing new technologies and composite materials in their yachts.

The benefit of using the latest and greatest materials and technologies is that yachts operate better and for longer now than they have in previous generations. The stronger composite materials mean there’s less maintenance to fool with, plus the customary 10-year refitting process can take a back seat to longevity.

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Luxury Yacht Sales FRIDAY Builder: Cantiere Navale Arno
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16 September 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales FRIDAY  Builder: Cantiere Navale ArnoOne of the reasons the rich and famous of the world decide to build luxurious yachts is that they want to stand out. With the Cantiere Navale Arno-built Friday motoryacht, standing out has never been a problem. Even though the yacht has only been around for three years, there isn’t a yacht enthusiast alive who isn’t fully aware of this unique ship’s presence.

Friday isn’t what you’d call conventional at all. Resembling the head of a rattlesnake more than resembling any other yacht on the water, this speed boat on steroids-like motoryacht is extremely lightweight, comprised almost entirely out of graphite composite materials, and is probably the fastest thing its size ever to touch water.

When Friday was designed by the renowned naval architect Andrea Bacigalupo, he threw the book out and decided to go with something extremely original. For sheer size, it isn’t the largest thing cruising right now. Friday is only 100-feet in length. And most of the action takes place inside due its shelled construction.

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Luxury Yacht Sales ENTERPRISE V Builder: Freadship Van Lent
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11 September 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales ENTERPRISE V  Builder: Freadship Van LentWhen you think about something 17 years of age, you wouldn’t necessarily throw the “old” label on it. However, in the world of luxury yachts, a dozen years is usually a death sentence and the yacht either docks to rot away or heads into port for some redesigning. The Freadship Van Lent-built motoryacht Enterprise V is doing neither and the owners are attempting to sell this giant.

Enterprise V isn’t your ordinary yacht at all. This 168-foot ocean vessel comes in at number 59 on the list of the world’s 100 largest yachts. With the size comes many features, and with so many features comes a hefty price tag. If you want to be the one to sail away in this yacht, it’s going to cost you around $22.5 million - a lot of money even by luxury yacht standards.

Feadship built this impressive yacht in 1993, and at the time it was one of the top ten yachts in the world. It has an old steamship look and feel to it, and its large twin diesel engines are certainly a throwback to the way most ships were being built in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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Luxury Yacht Sales DELPHINE by Great Lakes Engineering Works
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07 September 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales DELPHINE by Great Lakes Engineering WorksSome yachts on the water today turn heads due to their brand new construction and ultra modern styling. Others, like the Delphine, are classic yachts built many decades ago. Great Lakes Engineering, a builder located in the USA, custom made Delphine in 1921, long before superyachts were popular on the waterways.

Instead of the motor and sailing yachts you’ll find out there, Delphine is a throwback in every sense of the word. This gigantic 257-foot yacht is a steam ship, comparable to legitimate steam ships of the era, and has been redesigned inside to resemble a private charter yacht.

In total, upwards of 60 people can travel aboard Delphine comfortably - 28 guests and 32 crew members. It takes a lot of manpower to run this retro steam ship. When it was built for multi-millionaire Horace Dodge in the 1920s, SS Delphine was the biggest private ship in the world. Today it has stiff competition but still manages to rank among the largest private yachts.

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Luxury Yacht Sales Review DREAM ON Builder: Ursa Yachts
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03 September 2010

Luxury Yacht Sales Review DREAM ON  Builder: Ursa YachtsWith the fast-paced world we live in today, where instant gratification is a must, the private affairs of millionaires are displayed on TV and in magazines on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so surprising that a wealthy Turkish family was able to build a colossal motoryacht totally under the radar. The yacht Dream On made its first appearance in 2008.

Dream On isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill luxury yacht. This behemoth is literally decked out with what can only be described as a mansion-esque interior. The cabins and other entertainment spaces aboard Dream On are far above and beyond what you’ll find on similar yachts. This cruising ship is built more like a vacation home than a sea vessel.

Although built by Turkish aristocrats, Dream On was constructed on location near Tulsa, with shipbuilder Ursa Tersanesi of Switzerland handling the construction duties. Because the family wanted the yacht to be so spacious while still only 125 feet in length, Dream On presented quite a few design challenges.

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Luxury Yacht Sales Review Desamis-B by Builders Benetti
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25 August 2010

Benetti yacht builders out of Italy has been producing top-quality, high-end luxury yachts since 1873. As one of the most storied shipbuilders in the world, Benetti not only builds impressive vessels but also works on the architectural process and custom rebuilds existing ships. One of their finest vessels is the Desamis B, originally built in 1994.

When Desamis first took to the waters, she was known as Libra Star II. Libra was eventually sold to new owners who named the ship Nawal-J. After she came back to Benetti for a complete refitting in 2005, the vessel was named Desamis B.

A yacht refitting encompasses a lot more than detail work or a few new features aboard the ship. Desamis was completely rebuilt from the ground up, receiving a new exterior, interior, redesigned cabin space, refitted decks, and even the engine was switched out to give the vessel more power.

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World's Most Luxury Yachts - Canica by Baltic Yachts
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21 August 2010

Even though much of the world is high-octane, old-world style still has its own special niche. This is very true in the yacht market, where sailing yachts always manage to stand out as some of the most impressive vessels on the water. Currently for sale is the Canica yacht - a 141-foot luxury sailing yacht built by Baltic Yachts in 2003.

Canica is a very stylish ship, boasting a sleek exterior crafted by R&J Design. Judel-Vrolijk drew up the architectural plans and John Munford meticulously designed the vessel’s interior to be both stylish and spacious, with multiple cabins and many other modern features packed into a quasi-traditional frame.

The goal of Baltic Yachts at the time was to craft a top-of-the-line sailing yacht for the owner with both performance and practicality in mind. Even though the yacht would have a huge mast and other sailing features to operate, the builders didn’t want to forfeit technology with Canica. They integrated the two styles seamlessly.

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World's Most Luxurious Yachts - Candyscape
casino blog
13 August 2010

World's Most Luxurious Yachts - CandyscapeIf you have a cool 17 million Euros to dish out for a yacht buy, you could purchase the ultra impressive and luxurious 146-foot motoryacht Candyscape. Or, if you’re more the chartering type, 150,000 Euros will buy you a week aboard this sprawling monument of excess. For the other 99.9% of us, just hearing about it is luxury enough.

Candyscape was built by the famed Benetti shipyard in 1994. At the time of its release, Candyscape was one of the finest motoryachts on the water. However, every great yacht needs a refitting after so many years. In 2005, Candy and Candy took on the task of completely remodeling the yacht’s interior, and the end result is the epitome of elegance.

A lot of large yachts on the water today don’t make use of their size in the way Candyscape does. Size is normally more of a standout feature to let people know you have the biggest yacht on the water. It’s rarely more functional than this. Candyscape changes this by making use of every square foot of space.

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Luxury Yacht Sales Review for Fleurtje
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10 August 2010

With so many motor yachts out there on the waters, classic schooners are usually the last types of yachts to make front-page news when it comes to selling. Then again, not every yacht is the impressive Amsterdamsche Scheepswerf-built Fleurtje. This 187-foot master of the seas is a testament to true craftsmanship and has a priceless old-world look and feel.

Over the past two decades, Fleurtje has been completely rebuilt and modernized for the type of market purchasing yachts today. This includes a refitting, redecoration, and much more. Since the yacht was always private, it doesn’t have the everyday wear and tear of a charter vessel. This is a strong point of interest for anyone interested in purchasing Fleurtje.

In 1985, Fleurtje’s owner decided that it was time to expand the living space aboard the large vessel. She had the construction team add lavish guest cabins to the yacht, bringing the total number to 6. Each guest cabin was completely refurbished with new wood and gold trimming. Many other features were also overhauled, including the upper/lower decks and the entire hull.

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World's Most Luxurious Yachts - The 105ft Frer's Bolero
casino blog
29 July 2010

Some of the world’s must luxurious yachts aren’t privately owned. Instead, they’re available to be chartered for a certain weekly or monthly amount. One of the finest charter yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean today is the impressive 104-foot German Frers’ sailing yacht, Bolero. For 50,000 Euros per week, anyone can have full use of this notable build.

Bolero stands out as impressive for a few reasons, none the least of which is its massive size. It was redesigned and rebuilt by German Frers and Far Ocean & Bolero Yachts, and the team did a great job of restoring a classic maxi ocean racer theme on a much more modern scale.

Back in the 1940s, Bolero was built for a Newport yachtsman who used the large yacht in many major races of the day. Bolero was considered one of the best ships on the water and even served as the Flagship of the New York City Yacht Club. It reigned for years as the top yacht in its class and developed a very impressive resume.

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World's Most Luxurious Yachts - Jamaica Bay
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03 July 2010

Over the past decade, yachts have grown from large boats with a few luxury amenities to lavish ships with state-of-the-art living quarters and everything else you’d find in a millionaire’s mansion. Jamaica Bay, built by Schweers Shipyard, is one of the luxury motor yachts designed for the new age, although this yacht has been around for many years.

Jamaica Bay was constructed in the late 1980s by Schweers and has been recently refitted in 1999 (with ongoing improvements) to give it a more modern look and feel. With the high cost of materials, labor and the sheer time it takes to turn out a large motor yacht, remodeling existing yachts has become something of a trend.

The legendary Schweers build has long been a head turner. With its classic canoe stern and traditional steel hull, Jamaica Bay offers a smooth ride all around. The sundeck aboard the yacht is one of its most appealing features, but there are certainly many more aspects of the motor yacht that work to make it one of the finest in the water today.

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