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18 Review of Vegas nightclub Tabu in the MGM Grand
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28 August 2011

18 Review of Vegas nightclub Tabu in the MGM Grand
MGM Grand is well known for its night club scene and is always improving the way it presents customers with new ideas to make their nights in Vegas ones that they will never forget. With the opening of the Tabu night club back in 2003, MGM also came up with another way of describing just what it was that they were offering their customers. The word that was on everybody’s lips was ‘ultralounge’. Not to be found in any dictionaries the public were intrigued to find out what MGM meant by this new and intriguing terminology.

Over the years the meaning of the word has been more than understood, it has also been appreciated by all those people who have partied the night away in Tabu. This hotspot night club is very intimate, not at all like the massive clubs close by at all.

It just about takes 400 people to fill Tabu up without it feeling cramped and overcrowded. State of the art technology has been introduced into every aspect of the club, including inclined table tops (?) a mega sound system with interaction videos dotted here and there are the club strategically placed for subtle effects that can barely be noticed by the crowd which is a really nice subtle touch.

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A full review of the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City
casino blog
13 August 2011

A full review of the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City
The Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City has done its best to make sure that anyone who stays here is impressed with just about everything there is to offer them.  The Rendezvous Tower offers guests massive rooms furnished with luxurious comfortable furniture and decorated to a standard never before seen in this cosmopolitan city.

Every room has an over sized bathroom with walk in showers, double vanity mirrors, make up tables and all made out of the best imported marble that money can buy. Guests can choose between either a Premium King Room or a Premium Double Room, and can expect to enjoy the airy spaciousness of a palace in both.

The Rendezvous boast a further 58 luxurious suites offering panoramic vistas over the Atlantic Ocean. The suites are very large indeed with a lovely airy and spacious feel, furnished with the most elegant and stylish furniture to ensure that guests can relax and enjoy every moment of their stay at the hotel. Each suite has a well appointed and extremely comfortable dining area.

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Guide to Hotels For the 2011 Masters Tournament
casino blog
28 March 2011

Guide to Hotels For the 2011 Masters TournamentThe Masters Tournament is less than a month away, and if you’re planning on going to watch the tour then you’ll more than likely want to find a hotel to stay in during your time in Augusta.

Where you stay will really depend on your budget. As you can imagine the hotels in close proximity to the Augusta National Golf Club will be expensive during the time of the Masters Tournament, so we’ve picked out hotels for every budget so that you can make the best decision for you.

Budget Hotels

If you don’t mind a bit of a drive to the clubhouse, the Western Motel is 11 miles away and costs just $35 per night for a queen room. It’s located on Deans Bridge Road, and although it has a two star rating it is still a great place to stay if you’re on a budget.

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Luxury Villas for Rent - Villa Rosemarine, Dalmatian Riviera, Croatia
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12 September 2010

Luxury Villas for Rent - Villa Rosemarine, Dalmatian Riviera, CroatiaThe Villa Rosemarine is one of the premier private locations in the Croatian area. This one-of-a-kind villa is located on the Island of Brac, one of the foremost destinations of the renowned Dalmatian Riviera. The Villa Rosemarine is turning heads for a few reasons other than its prime location, too. This recently renovated villa is certainly a Croatian area highlight.

Overlooking the waters of the Adriatic, the Villa Rosemarine is in a prime location sheltered by the surrounding trees yet still open to the sunset. The south end of the villa offers panoramic views of the entire chain of Dalmatian Islands, making this waterfront villa a sightseer’s paradise.

Croatia doesn’t usually hold the same tourism appeal as some other locations around the globe, so the designers made sure no expense was spared when reconstructing Villa Rosemarine. The white-stone front of the villa is the exact same material used on the White House in the United States and also on the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, England.

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World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Thailand
casino blog
25 May 2010

World's Most Luxurious Resorts -  Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, ThailandMandarin Oriental Hotels are among the world’s largest and most popular group of luxury five-star resorts. They have a few widely popular locations around the globe, and their hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand is certainly one of the nicest. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Dhara Dhevi is much more than your average vacation hot spot. It takes up 60 acres in Chiang Mai and every inch is high detailed.

The Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi claims to have built a self-contained world of beauty. The entire landscape is more like a small town than simply an average resort. You’ll find the main hotel buildings, paddy fields, sprawling plantations and the surrounding mountain scenery almost too much to take in.

Mandarin Oriental Hotels offer guests a cultural experience specific to the resort’s location. For Chiang Mai’s resort, the Mandarin was designed to be a tribute to the traditional Lanna architecture of the area. Along with many antiques from Thailand and cuisine from some of the best chefs around, guests at Dhara Dhevi get to experience a little bit of what life was like in the area in past centuries. The only difference being, of course, everyone visiting is treated like royalty.

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World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino
casino blog
22 May 2010

World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & CasinoThe Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino is one of the most luxurious resorts in Argentina and attracts travelers from all across the globe. The resort is like a palace, drawing the attention of celebrities, high-roller gamblers, world politicians and other wealthy individuals. There’s also a rather large base of your average vacationers visiting the resort every year.

The Iguazu Falls in Argentina are a beautiful attraction all their own; throw in a resort of this size and you have the makings for a tourist draw like none other in the area. For starters, the resort is in a great geographic location as far as culture is concerned. Iguaza Falls National Park is on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The Iguazu Grand also stands out when compared to other structures. The red-brick front of the enormous structure resembles an old-world manor from the area. The house is situated on fifteen pristine acres of semitropical vegetation. With all of the Falls and national park to peer out at from any room, even low-level suites provide guests with panoramic views of the entire area.

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Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels - Abano Ritz Hotel Terme, Italy
casino blog
17 May 2010

Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels - Abano Ritz Hotel Terme, ItalyRenowned for its unsurpassed hospitality and 18th century Venetian-style opulence, the Abano Ritz Hotel Terme is easily one of the finest hotels in Italy. In the heart of Abano Terme, just over an hour’s flight from Rome, this member of the large Ritz group is constantly rated as one of the area’s premier destinations.

With plenty of activities in the immediate vicinity and more than a few great features within, the Abano Ritz scores big points. This elegant establishment has a wide range of features.

The spa strives to provide world-class service to every guest. With thermal pools, personal trainers for fitness programs, state-of-the-art equipment and a huge list of available beauty treatments, the Abano Ritz’s spa is one of the hotel’s primary features.

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World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Oriental Hotel Bangkok
casino blog
13 March 2010

World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Oriental Hotel BangkokLocated on the Chao Phrya River in Bangkok, Thailand, the Oriental Hotel has been one of the country’s most impressive - and equally illusive - draws for many decades. While it stands alone as one of the most breathtaking and bold hotels in the country, it’s also one of the most exclusive, with high-end clientele making up the lion’s share of its guests.  

However, the Oriental Hotel is constantly renovating and adding and improving space. So this leaves some of the hotel’s rooms bordering on the affordable side, making it possible for average vacationers to stay in style and luxury. There are 358 rooms in total at the Oriental, with 35 ultra exclusive suites, including the famed Authors’ Suites.  

The spellbinding views of the River of Kings and the towering architecture of Bangkok is enough in itself to lure guests into the Oriental Hotel. However, the hotel’s reputation was built on more than surrounding scenery. It was built on elegance and decadence, and the many rooms, restaurants and spa suites keep it atop everyone’s list of the best hotels.  


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World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Palazzo Verace on the Gold Coast, Australia
casino blog
06 March 2010

World's Most Luxurious Hotels - Palazzo Verace on the Gold Coast, AustraliaAustralias Gold Coast is certainly one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With an average of over 240 days of sunshine every year, the sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast is appealing to almost every vacationer. So when Versace wanted to build a luxury resort, Australias sunny locale was the perfect spot for it.

The Palazzo Versace is easily the best fashion-brand resort in existence. Other popular names in fashion have tried the same branching out, but have failed with overtly cheesy efforts to brand their name on subpar properties. With the Palazzo, guests are treated to the epitome of luxury and elegance in a location that speaks for itself.

The outside view of the Palazzo Versace alone is enough to make any reputable list of top resorts. With towering palm trees, luxurious pools and separate buildings overlooking the spectacularly clear harbor, the property can be described as nothing less than breathtaking.

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Barvikha Hotel & Spa - World's Most Luxurious Hotels
casino blog
26 February 2010

Barvikha Hotel & Spa - World's Most Luxurious HotelsIn the world of luxury hotels and resorts, one might expect that Moscow would be the last place to find a first-rate hotel, never mind a luxurious and modern hotel/spa hybrid thats both warm and welcoming. However, Moscow has come a long way, and the Barvikha Hotel & Spa easily stands out as one of the finest new resorts on the planet.

The hotel is located in the Barvikha Luxury Village an ultra exclusive suburb of Moscow. This high-end area, known for its style and elegance, is the quintessential spot for such a well-designed, chic property, and the design team pulled no punches when it was time to build the resort only a few short years ago.

To handle the modern design aspect of the luxury hotel, Antonio Citterioa world famous designerwas brought in. Antonio outfitted the hotels 65 suites and spa with features such as separate terraces, fireplaces, private unique massage tables, steam showers, and an overall chic and modern feel thats light years removed from how Moscow is viewed.

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World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Villa Aminta
casino blog
28 January 2010

World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Villa AmintaItaly has long been one of the world’s foremost destinations for visitors. Whether a person is looking to wax nostalgic on the ancient history of the Romans, Catholicism or even the Mafia, or simply looking for the best cuisine outside of France, Italy offers up a true feast for the mind, body and spirit like no other country in Europe.

There are many parts of this boot-shaped peninsula that keep visitors coming time and again, and when they’re there, a nice place to stay is almost a must. For the haughty vacationer, the hotel Villa Aminta is one of the best offered in Italy.

Located in the quaint town of Stresa, the hotel Villa Aminta is the area’s diamond in the not-so-rough scenic surroundings. The north of Italy is famous for its Austrian and Swiss influences, and Villa Aminta is in rather close proximity, located on the coastal road that travels straight up to Switzerland. The panoramic views are certainly all-encompassing, and travelers claim that the brisk mountain air is as clean as the waters of the Lago Maggiore are blue.

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World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Mentawai Wavepark, Indonesia
casino blog
12 January 2010

World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Mentawai Wavepark, IndonesiaMany island resorts are able to bring in an abundance of travelers by using their location alone. When people think about vacations, the sand, sun and water are usually the top three on nearly anyone’s list, so it’s no trouble at all getting people to frequent a resort.

However, the Wavepark Mentawai Surf Resort throws in an added bonus for people who love to catch some waves. Wavepark is, basically, a nature-made theme park, featuring some of the best swells in Indonesia. The resort offers luxurious accommodations, hand-and-foot waiting and some of the best waves in the world.

The staff at Wavepark tout themselves as experts on the Indonesian water and weather. When it comes to the surfing, there are different areas of the water and different times of the day and season that bring in a different type of tide.

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World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil
casino blog
23 December 2009

World's Most Exclusive Resorts - Ponta Dos Ganchos, BrazilVacationers are forever looking for the best and brightest destinations in the world, and over the past few years, more and more travelers are working their way toward South America and finding out what Brazil has to offer.

The culture of this Portuguese-influenced country is unique in the continent, whose other countries have a history of Spanish colonialisation. On top of that, the coastal city Rio is home to some of the world’s sexiest beaches. The combination of culture and scenery is more than enough to entice tourists, but resorts like the Ponta dos Ganchos add that extra bit of luxury that makes people never want to leave.

The Ponta dos Ganchos resort is situated on a unique piece of property that most Brazilian vacationers will never get to see unless they travel there specifically. Ganchos is located directly on a privately-owned peninsula and sits directly in between two of the area’s most picturesque fishing villages, each with its own unique culture in the context of Brazilian living.

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World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Hayman Resort, Australia
casino blog
08 December 2009

World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Hayman Resort, AustraliaOff the coast of Central Queensland in Australia, the Cumberland Islands are a chain of beautiful islands and islets that stretch miles through the Pacific. Cumberland is part of the large Whitsunday Island chain, and its crown jewel is undoubtedly Hayman Island, home to the Hayman resort.

First built in the 1950s by Reg Ansett, Hayman Resort is the quintessential tourist attraction of the chain and of the 400 hectares of Hayman Island, the resort’s buildings and activity areas covers nearly everything but the beautiful beaches.

Of course, the actual resort isn’t that large, but after factoring in the various tour zones, different retail stores, golf courses and other sporting zones, the entire Hayman Island seems to be one giant resort. The location of the island itself is near perfection. When Ansett set out to choose his location for building a resort, he had carte blanche to choose any island in the Whitsunday chain. He ultimately settled on Hayman.

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World's Most Exclusive Hotels - Kahala Mandarin, Honolulu
casino blog
26 November 2009

World's Most Exclusive Hotels - Kahala Mandarin, HonoluluThe Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has set up shop in some of the world’s finest locations. Their name is now synonymous with luxury, and nearly every one of their lavish resorts earns high acclaim and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Mandarin Oriental Hotels can be found in Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Miami, and even in Hawaii - via the group’s Kahala, Honolulu location.

Kahala makes a wonderful setting for the type of luxury resort Mandarin brings. This small stretch of beachfront island is among the most popular of the Hawaiian chain, and the small neighborhood that plays host to the hotel is also host to lavish homes averaging $3 million a piece.

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World's Most Exclusive Hotels - The enormous Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
casino blog
17 November 2009

World's Most Exclusive Hotels - The enormous Grand Hotel on Mackinac IslandHotel restaurants are becoming more and more common. Even a tiny Super 8 on Route 66 is bound to have a small diner inside where guests can enjoy a hot meal and a cold drink to save them the trouble of going elsewhere. It also helps to build a hotel’s reputation and revenue, that’s why we see so many high-quality restaurants in hotels these days.

Of course, most-if not all-overshadow the small diners at run-of-the-mill hotels. For instance, the Grand Hotel, located on Mackinac Island, Michigan, boasts a few restaurants that are fit for a king� or a president, as it were.

The Grand Hotel is considered to be America’s "summer place." Aesthetically, it’s one of the most beautiful structures in the entire country, glistening white and expanding over the entire horizon with its gargantuan size.

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Tags: thomas edison, mackinac island, michigan, america's summer place, new england beach house, great lakes, lake huron, mark twain, salle a manger, jockey club, pool grill,
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Exclusive Hotels Of The World - The Ritz, London
casino blog
10 November 2009

Exclusive Hotels Of The World - The Ritz, LondonLondon, England is home to many of the world’s finest attractions, including, among other things, historical museums, grand concert halls, astonishing clocks that have stood the test of time, and lavish hotels that provide guests with both a reason to travel to London and a place to stay in comfort when they arrive.

The Ritz in London meets and exceeds the needs of both inquisitive first-time travelers and regulars alike, and for over 100 years, it has been one of the finest hotels in not only England, but the entire world.

Ritz Hotels are known around the globe for their amenities and luxurious settings, and this was the goal of the famous hotelier Cesar Ritz when he first opened his London location in 1906. It was built to resemble a Parisian-style block of flats at the height of the Belle Epoque, and architects Charles Mewes and Arthur Davis gave London its first large steel-frame-constructed building.

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