12 June 2010
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Top Las Vegas Shows - Sin City Comedy at the V Theater
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12 May 2010

Apart from gambling, nothing quite says Las Vegas like a good, old-fashioned comedy show. Many try their hand at entertaining the tourists with humor, but only a very few actually succeed. One of the lucky ones, able to weed through the muck, is the comedy-slash-burlesque show Sin City Comedy.

There’s certainly nothing flashy about the name, but it’s ironically poignant in a classic Vegas sorta way. With the city itself, you would be hard-pressed to find any comic not taking shots at Vegas, but Sin City Comedy doesn’t get by on selling the same old cigarette-smoking senior citizens routine.

Playing at the V Theater on the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood, Sin City Comedy deals with three comics (subject to change at any time) delivering both separate sets and partnered skits. As the show starts, the comics make it clear that self-deprecating humor and Las Vegas certainly go hand in hand.

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Top Vegas Shows - Ultimate Manilow: The Hits at The Paris Theater
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14 March 2010

Fans of the standards haven’t had much to look forward to in recent years, and this is especially true if they’ve been venturing out to Las Vegas in hopes of catching a classic crooner delivering a legitimate concert without the over-the-top bells and whistles. The truth: contemporary music is going the way of the dodo, but Barry might save the day.

Barry Manilow is the top-selling contemporary artist of all time, with over 80 million albums sold to date. In that world, he’s as big as Elvis or the Beatles in rock and roll, and is certainly able to pack folks into the Paris Las Vegas to see a show from a bygone era with Ultimate Manilow: The Hits.  

There’s something about Barry that drives women wild, and that’s primarily what his audience is made up of. Well, that and husbands who were dragged against their will. Even still, Vegas is the world’s biggest tourist trap, and enough tourists happen to be contemporary music fans to make Manilow’s show one of the biggest in the city.  

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Top Las Vegas Shows - Terry Fator and his singing puppets
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08 March 2010

Ventriloquists have long had their place in show business. Of course, some are better than others, and it doesnt take but a slip of the tongue literally - to go from the top of the world to the bottom of the dummy heap. For Terry Fator, his has been a road paved in gold, it seems, with TV spots, big-time endorsements, and an ongoing Vegas show at the Mirage.

Terry Fator is one of the most unique ventriloquists working in the entertainment world today. Not only is his delivery nearly flawless, with every dummy he uses having a distinct personality and voice, but Fator also adds singing into his act. This is something that no other famous ventriloquist has ever tried on this level and been successful.

Fator won the hit TV show Americas Got Talent in 2007 by wowing the judges with his impressive singing talent. Terry is able to keep completely tight-lipped while belting out such classics as I Got You Babe and, his show-winning number and Etta James mega hit, At Last.

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Top Vegas Shows - Free Beer! The Improv Show
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05 March 2010

Comedy shows have always had a tight grip around the neck of Las Vegas. Even famous acts like The Rat Packfeaturing Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra - offered guests a lot more than crooner classics. Their shows delivered some great comedy sketches and even some legitimate improve. Following in those footsteps is Vegas Free Beer! The Improv Show.

Its always extremely difficult to describe an improv show in any type of general terms; i.e. good, bad, entertaining, etc. This is due to the nature of improvisation comedy: theres never any set stage or routine, per se; there are simply some talented improvisation comedians who feed off of one another and deliver original skits.

For Free Beer! The Improv Show in particular, its very similar to the UKs and Americas hit show Whose Line is it Anyway, where a cast of comedians, directed by a host, take audience suggestions and play out different scenarios on a whim. The spirit of Free Beer is certainly along those same lines.

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Real Interactive Entertainment in Las Vegas - Tony And Tina's Wedding
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10 February 2010

Taking a trip to Las Vegas today is like visiting some dreamscape wonderland, packed full of the biggest and brightest lights your mind could ever imagine. Most of Vegas is vastly new and improved, hoping to usher in a new generation of entertainment for a new generation of tourists and gamblers.

However, you can still find some tried-and-true traditional favorites if you look in the right places. One of Las Vegas biggest hits today has been a big hit for a long time, Tony and Tinas Wedding.

This show has been going on for years. Its basically an interactive wedding, inviting guests in to sit with either the bride (Tina) or the groom (Tony) and their respective families played by some really funny and talented actors. The shows success comes from its utter realness.

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See A Darker Side to Sin City With The Vegas Mob Tour
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05 February 2010

Long before Las Vegas became well known as the place to catch every washed-up act from sea to shining sea (as well as some great ones, mind you!), the common consensus was that the mob pretty much controlled much of the day-to-day activities. Going to Las Vegas these days, youd be hard-pressed to find signs of any gangster-style mafia activity.

The big-shot entrepreneurs proved that money talks and intimidation walks. But this is actually a good thing. Mob activity is much kinder and gentler when its fictionalized; and if you want to get close to the mob, minus the concrete boots, the Vegas Mob Tour is available in Sin City, showcasing the best - or worst, depending on your disposition - of what the mob had to offer.

The Vegas Mob Tour is carried out via bus and takes around two and a half hours from start to finish. During this time, youll be chauffeured around to many locations where the mafia and organized crime in general once had a firm grip on the landscape.

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Top Vegas Shows - V: The Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood
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04 February 2010

In Sin City, its not a far leap to assume that the V in Vegas could easily stand for Variety. After all, this is the city that declared gambling wasnt enough of a guilty pleasure to keep people coming back. So they equipped the city with $5 pig-out buffets, legal brothels, the all-night liquor stores and, of course, the lively shows to keep you entertained.

Dont let anyone tell you different, Vegas is all about variety. Speaking of variety, Planet Hollywood currently has the aptly titled V playing in their V theater. Vegas loves that V, apparently.

The Miracle Mile Malls theater inside of Planet Hollywood is called V, and V: The Ultimate Variety Show is its namesake production. Many Las Vegas shows at other hotels and casinos stick with a certain theme. For instance, Cirque du Soleil has their acrobatics. Sin City Bad Girls have their rock tunes and bare breasts.

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Top Vegas Shows - The Sopranos' Last Supper
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27 January 2010

The mafia is a big hit around the world, no pun intended. And perhaps no mafia rendition in history drew the fanfare that HBO's The Sopranos did. Beginning in 1999, the Soprano family drama followed the life of north Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano and his many problems with his own emotions, family (both families) and law enforcement.

The show ran for eight successful years, and after the disappointing 2007 series finale, talks of a spinoff show or even a big-budget movie were in the works. However, nothing ever panned out, and the original cast hasn't been back. This didn't stop Las Vegas from picking up on the theme, though, with their version of the hit show, The Soprano's Last Supper.

The Soprano's Last Supper is currently playing at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, but this is the show's third home. While the real show was still fresh on everyone's mind, the Vegas spoof version wasn't doing nearly as well.

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Top Vegas Shows - Steve Wyrick's Real Magic
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20 January 2010

There are really countless types of magic show out there. It all depends on what you're after. Luckily, Las Vegas seems to have at least two of each, so even the pickiest person can show up and have a great time.

You can find the traditional magic shows, with no bells and whistles. You can find the larger-scale shows, featuring an assortment of dancers and singers and sexy assistants to entice your entertainment sensibilities. Or, if you're in the mood for grandiose, you can find a show like Steve Wyrick's Real Magic. This show is huge, featuring giant illusions, Broadway-like sets, and plenty of lighting effects, women and loud music to keep your adrenaline flowing throughout.

Truthfully, there's a lot to be said just about the size of the show here. Take David Copperfield for example. In his most famous illusion, the masterful magician made the entire Statue of Liberty disappear. Of course, in actuality, he only had his volunteers sit on a rotating platform, and after the curtain rose, he spun them around to a blank view of the harbor, the Statue still in place at their backs.

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Top Vegas Shows - The Haunted Vegas Tour
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08 January 2010

Las Vegas is packed full of dozens of shows to see on any given night, ranging from family fun to shows of an adult-themed nature. However, going indoors to sit during a show isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some like to be out and about while on vacation, and this is where the Haunted Vegas Tour and Sance can really do the trick.

Instead of buying a pricy ticket and packing into an auditorium, the Haunted Vegas Tour takes you on a tour of the city. Except, of course, these aren't just any regular locations you're visiting. These locations are supposedly haunted.

With American hit TV shows dealing with the paranormal like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State, ghost-lust is at an all-time high. Outside of the usual bright-light appeal of Vegas lays a dark, dreary desert. Ghost fanatics claim this is a prime location for other-worldly activity.

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Ka - Another Spectacular Show From Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
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06 January 2010

Cirque du Soleil has been putting on incredible shows in Las Vegas for decades. The wide-ranging troupe has a vast collection of shows, ranging from whimsically themed shows suitable for children to adults-only expositions, showcasing the classic Vegas-esque showgirls.

At the MGM Grand in the heart of Vegas, Cirque puts on a nightly display with their long-running variety show Ka. To newcomers and hardcore Cirque fans alike, Ka seems to stand alone as a greatly intense display of acrobatics, stage mechanics and even audience seating positions. It's a sensory experience the likes of which only Cirque can bring.

Ka is an Asian-inspired production, deviating greatly from the original Cirque show-pony productions that made them famous. The stage is unique here; instead of having a solid stage for performers, two giant platforms and five smaller, moveable platforms give an appearance of floating.

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Top Vegas Shows - Mesmerized by Marc Savard
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18 December 2009

There probably aren't too many among us who aren't at least a little susceptible to suggestion. I mean, don't you want to buy popcorn in the movie theater? What about sinking your teeth into a juicy burger after seeing it advertized on television?

This is suggestion hard at work, enticing your decisions. Of course, it's not the kind of suggestion that Marc Savard brings to the table in his hit Las Vegas show Mesmerized. No, no, Savard is a hypnotist who makes sure to give the audience a thrill at the expense of a few (un)lucky volunteers.

With any hypnotist show, half the fun is in playing along. A lot of people enter with their pride front and center, claiming that they can never be hypnotized. Lo and behold, after they sit down and let the host work his twisted voodoo, they're singing God Bless America with their pants around their ankles wearing a red clown nose.

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Top Vegas Shows - Mystere from Cirque Du Soleil
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15 December 2009

Cirque du Soleil is as synonymous with Las Vegas as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or even gambling. Currently, Cirque performs six resident (full-time) shows at various locations. At the Treasure Island in Vegas, the acrobatic troupe entertains fans with their delightful show Mystere.

First debuting in 1993, Mystere quickly won over nearly every critic, and the show has been running ever since. Mystere isn't overly original for a Cirque show, as many have been styled after his highly successful production, but the blend of circus-like skills, operatic music, comedy, well-choreographed dance and elaborate stage sets make Mystere stand out as one of the troupe's finest accomplishments.

To date, the show has run well over 12,000 performances and the awe-inspiring production continues to sell out. Treasure Island does very well because of this working relationship; however, Mytere's critics cite an inability for the show to connect with them on a storytelling level.

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Top Vegas Shows - The Rat Pack Is Back
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25 November 2009

Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Frank The Chairman Sinatra, those other two guys - wow, has there ever been a better act in the history of Las Vegas than The Rat Pack!?

Sure, the king of them all, Elvis Presley, is famous in Vegas. There's also Wayne Newton, Tony Bennett and Celine Dion, to name a few more. The Rat Pack's success and reverence crushes the entire lot however; the 4-man group (sometimes 3-man) has become the true archetype of Vegas excess.

The Rat Pack is Back is considered to be the best tribute going to the now-deceased members of the original group. It wasn't well received at the start, and it has now been through two different hotels, currently playing its third - and if the guys of the group have anything to say about it, this will be the last stop for a while.

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Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular
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02 September 2009

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most loved opera dramas of all time. Andrew Lloyd Webber produced an absolute masterpiece that will continue to generate positive ratings and revenue for the next 200 years. It started as a novel and then hit the big screen before showing up on actual stage.

Bringing this show to Vegas was not an easy task at all. The Venetian picked up The Phantom of the Opera and changed the name to Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular. Their first order of business was renovating the theater to make it resemble the Palais Garnier, the famous 2,200-seat Paris opera house.

Phantom finally reunites Webber with Hal Prince, the show's director, and Gillian Lynne, choreographer. The trio transformed Phantom into a 95-minute thrill ride that will feature every song from the original production. As far as over-the-top Vegas goes, this show is pretty tame.

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A review of Zumanity, Cirque du Soliel's other side
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05 January 2009

Who knew that Cirque du Soleil had a sensual side? If you've ever watched a Cirque production like O then you're well aware of the high-flying, insanely precise, entertaining brand of acrobatics that only Cirque can bring you. For audiences of Cirque's newest show playing at the New York, New York hotel and casino, Zumanity may be too much for your senses.

It's a racy and sometimes raunchy adults-only show that explores human sexuality for over 2 hours. The performers are gorgeous and just as talented as you'd expect any Cirque du Soleil performer to be. And just like you'd imagine a dirty Vegas show - yeah, it's that provocative.

As soon as the curtain lifts, you get a full idea of why this show is labeled adults only. This tribute to human sexual expression pays homage to Las Vegas' nickname of Sin City, and does so extremely well. But while some acts in the show are worthy of the Cirque name, others have a tendency to appear amateurish and seem like they'd be seen in strip clubs or cheesy bars.

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Do you Believe? A Criss Angel Show
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04 December 2008

We're all a little excited about seeing magic. When that guy at a party does a card trick, you immediately ask, How'd you do that? Of course, he never tells you. And the truth is you don't really want to know.

Every magic fan in the world knows who Criss Angel is. As the star of his own hit television show Mindfreak, Criss has done everything from walk on water to making pedestrians disappear.

His entire career is based on an extremely rare ability to make us question what is possible in the world. You watch Criss and know that it's just a trick, but you're not sure how it's not real. Team Angel's immense talents up with Cirque de Soleil and you have the makings of one of Vegas' greatest shows: Believe.

According to Criss, he's been planning this show for around 15 years. When you see it, you'll see that his time was extremely well spent. Believe is playing at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, and the beautiful theater does the show justice.

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Penn & Teller in Las Vegas Headliner Magicians
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21 November 2008

Conspiracy theorists debunked, holistic remedies found to be fraudulent, and the words Holy cow were proven to be offensive. Who are the detectives on the case? It's none other than Vegas' own Penn & Teller.

Their hit Showtime late night series Bullshit is a number-one rated comedy for the magically talented duo. Penn, who's the tall and talking member of the duo, is sure to tell outlandishly loud tales with Teller, the short and silent other half of the duo sets up and carries out most of the tricks.

The two are currently playing at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Their show doesn't have some catchy name - they're Penn & Teller, they don't need one.

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A Review of the Las Vegas Show Danny Gans at the Danny Gans Theatre
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17 November 2008

For people not overly familiar with Las Vegas, you may not know who Danny Gans is. If not, he's a singer-slash-comedian who was once a professional baseball player. Danny's been called the man of a thousand voices, the ultimate impersonator, and even the most famous actor who never appeared in Bull Durham, (an ironic pun to the fact Danny appeared in the hit Kevin Costner film but ultimately had his scenes cut) but is also a very accomplished and funny comedian. Any man who has a theater in Las Vegas named after him must be doing something right. And if you're feeling the need for a good laugh, Danny Gans is currently at the Danny Gans Theater.

The reigning Entertainer of the Year in Las Vegas welcomes the audience in with some warming commentary before going straight into his act. Although, many have seen his show multiple times and claim Danny has a propensity to switch it around some.

However, a lot of his material, such as the singers he impersonates, remains the same. If you're looking to be blown away by any showgirl-type kicks or high-flying acrobatics, then you've better cancel in advance.

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Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Review
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13 October 2008

Fans of Las Vegas, Nevada can agree - there's a little something for everyone. No matter what you're into, you can find something to do in Vegas. It's truly the land of a million options, although most only arrive for one or two. One Vegas attraction that some are unaware of is the Folies Bergere show at the Tropicana.

Critics of the show agree that Folies Bergere is the glamorous spark that takes Las Vegas back to a long-removed golden era. This timeless musical show personifies sexy Vegas, and provides classic entertainment that proves to be a much appreciated break from magic and mayhem. The show takes its name from The Folies Bergere, a Parisian music hall which was extremely popular throughout the late 1800s to around 1920. It's still in business today.

For lovers of all things music, dance and entertainment, Folies Bergere has a seat reserved just for you. It contains all the elements that a great Las Vegas show needs to succeed: singing and dancing, gorgeous scenery, gut-busting comedy, and the crme de la crme of Las Vegas - the showgirls.

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The Number One Illusionist of all time is David Copperfield
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04 October 2008

Before Chris Angel and David Blaine came along with their edited for TV magic, David Copperfield reigned supreme as the top illusionist in the world. This master magician has made the Statue of Liberty disappear - enough said.

He plays 500 shows a year and constantly tries to top himself. David has been playing Las Vegas for years, and his magic show always prevails as one of the top entertainment destinations, not only in Las Vegas, but in all of America.

He is hailed by both fans and critics alike as the greatest illusionist of all time. If you've never seen David Copperfield perform, there's no better time than right now. The man has walked through the Great Wall of China, flown through the air, and even made audience members disappear. He's truly one of a kind.

Of course, he can't recreate every televised trick for the Vegas audience, but he does demonstrate similar and equally impressive illusions by using objects a bit more suitable for a stage setting. For example, Copperfield pays homage to his Great Wall walk-through by using a large sheet of metal and effortlessly walking through it.

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A little background on the MGM Grand Las Vegas
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22 September 2008

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is a hotel/casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. The MGM Grand is truly that, grand. It's the second largest hotel in the world and the second largest in the U.S. behind The Venetian. MGM Grand is owned and operated by MGM Mirage, a publicly traded company.

The main building is 30 floors and 239 feet high and features five large outdoor pools, waterfalls and rivers, all covering 6.6 acres. It also has a 380,000 square foot convention center; the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Grand Spa, and CBS Television City are all housed on location. And if that's not enough for you to take in, MGM also has 16 restaurants, two food courts, and one of the largest casinos in Vegas.

Kirk Kerkorian purchased the Marina Hotel in 1990 to obtain the site that would eventually become the home of MGM Grand. During that time, the Marina was commonly known as the MGM-Marina, and the site was closed on November 30, 1991, and the ground was broken on October 7 the same year.

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The Bellagio 'O' by Cirque du Soleil
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30 July 2008

Translating to Circus of the Sun, Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment empire based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1984 by two former street performers, Guy Laliberte, and Daniel Gauthier. The original name was Les Echassiers, and they toured Quebec in 1980 as a performing troupe.

Le Grand Tour Du Cirque du Soleil was a success in 84, and after securing a second year of funding, Laliberte hired Buy Caron from the National Circus School to recreate Cirque du Soleil as a proper circus. Their popular rapidly grew, and Cirque du Soleil went from a handful of employees in 1984, to over 3,500 today. Among their Big Top Touring shows are Alegria, Quidam, Dralion, Varekai, Corteo, and KOOZA. The list of resident shows includes LOVE, KA, Mystere, La Nouba, Zumanity, and the show currently featured at the Bellagio, simply titled O

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How Las Vegas was founded
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11 July 2008

Las Vegas, which in Spanish means The Meadows, was named by Spaniards in the Antonio Armijo party, who used water from the area while heading north and west along the Old Spanish Trail from Texas. In 1844, John C. Fremont traveled into the Las Vegas Valley, while it was still part of Mexico.

He was a leader of a group of scientists, scouts, and other observers for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In 1855, Brigham Young assigned 30 missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the area in attempts to convert the Paiute Indian population to Mormonism. A small fort was built near the current downtown area, serving as a stopover for weary travelers along the Mormon Corridor.

Las Vegas was then established as a railroad town in 1905, when 110 acres was auctioned off in what is now downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas was part of Lincoln County until 1909, when it became part of newly established Clark County.

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The Fremont Street Experience
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03 July 2008

The Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian mall and attraction in download Las Vegas. The FSE occupies the westernmost 5 blocks of Fremont Street, including the area known for years as Glitter Gulch, and also portions of other adjacent streets.

The attraction is a barrel vault canopy, which stands 90 feet high at its peak, and covers approximately four blocks. Las Vegas is known for never turning the outside casino lights off, so each show begins by turning off the lights on all buildings under the canopy, giving views of the FSE show the full effect of the lights.

Fremont Street has a storied history. It held many Las Vegas firsts, including the first hotel, first telephone, first Nevada gaming license, the first elevator, first traffic light, and the first high-rise. For many years, the western end of Fremont Street was the area most commonly portrayed whenever producers wanted to display the lights of Vegas.

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The History behind the Bellagio Hotel and Casino
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25 June 2008

The Bellagio is an AAA Five-Diamond rated luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas, located on The Strip. MGM Mirage holds ownership of this luxurious hotel and casino, and it was built on the site of the demolished Dunes hotel and casino.

Inspired by the Lake Como resort of Bellagio in Italy, Vegas' Bellagio is famed for its elegance. One of the most notable features of the Bellagio is an 8-acre artificial lake between the hotel and the Strip, which holds the famous Fountains of Bellagio. The Bellagio has been one of Vegas' most famous resorts since its inception. It employs approximately 10,000 people, and is visited by millions each year.

The Bellagio was conceived by Steve Wynn, an American casino resort developer, and built by his company, Mirage Resorts, Inc. Wynn is often considered as the man who changed Vegas. In 1989, his first major Strip casino, The Mirage, opened, setting a new standard in Vegas, making immediate history.

With his second project, the 1993 Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Wynn proved once again that his vision for Vegas was different. The $450 million dollar resort was another instant smash with the public.

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A mini-bio on Steve Wynn
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30 May 2008

Stephen Alan Wynn was born on January 27th, 1942 in New Haven, Connecticut, and is best known for being an American casino developer. He was thought to be responsible for the efforts of reestablishing Las Vegas in the 90s, spearheading the resurgence and expansion of the Vegas strip.

His companies refurbished and built some of the most widely recognized resorts in Las Vegas to date, such as the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, and Wynn. Wynn currently lives with his wife in a suite at Wynn Las Vegas, awaiting completion of their Highlands Golf Club home. He has two daughters, Kevyn and Gillian. Wynn suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which affects his peripheral vision.

Wynn's father Michael Weinberg ran a host of bingo parlors in the United States. In the late 40s, he changed his name to Wynn, a marketing strategy and an attempt to counter anti-Jewish bias.

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Is it a good time to invest in real estate in Las Vegas?
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22 May 2008

In the real estate market, you often hear teams like peak and max, as if there's an imaginary ceiling that's going to stop it. And over the past few years or so, the big buzz has always been about when exactly real estate is going to max out. This is a theory that has been circling around since early 2002.

It's nothing more but a reaction to the substantial increases in real estate values around the country. This fuel-fed paranoia has mostly been doused by media types and loud mouths who really don't know a thing. The thought of real estate reaching its peak seems to be based on nothing more than the collective fear that real estate values through the USA may drop.

However, there is no fact-based reasoning put forth to support this fear. So, reasonably and rationally, it's still safe to purchase real estate in hot-spots through the U.S. like Las Vegas. Your property will continue to have value.

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The oldest casino in Las Vegas, The Golden Gate Casino
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21 May 2008

When you're in Las Vegas, odds are you're there to gamble. Not many people pay attention to other aspects of Vegas. To stop and look at Vegas as a whole, many would notice that it's dry, dirty, hot, and extremely expensive.

The euphoric rush which takes over while gambling and partying often blinds individuals to the current state of affairs. But let's face it, we all love to gamble. And some places in Vegas do have more appeal than others.

Though some people may rather stay in places like the Bellagio and Caesars Palace, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino really tells the sordid story of Vegas, and people still frequent its small quarters.

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The Rise of the Cirque Du Soleil Circus in Las Vegas
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10 March 2008

Eight time winner of the Las Vegas Best Production Show for Mystre, Circque Du Soleil is also winner of several other awards, including four Primetime Emmy Awards, a Bambi Award and three Gemini Awards. The Cirque Du Soleil Circus currently is operating five permanent shows in the city of Las Vegas with plans for three additional Las Vegas productions. Considering that the first of the permanent Las Vegas productions did not open until the year 1993, the phenomenal success of the company is laudable.

Prior to Las Vegas, the company had several years of struggle and financial setbacks. Several times, Cirque Du Soleil (literally Circus of the Sun) narrowly escaped financial ruin. To go from those beginnings to a estimated annual revenue of $600 million. In Las Vegas alone, the existing Cirque Du Soleil performers play to over 9000 people daily. That's about one in every twenty people who visit the city daily.

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Top Ten Things to Do in Las Vegas
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10 March 2008

Dozens of things to do in Las Vegas means there is fun for the entire family not just those with blue hair. Traditionally, Las Vegas is known for a mixed bag of things to do including getting married, getting divorced, gambling and watching a few of the headline entertainers at a floor show. That has all changed now and changed for the better. Here are some tips for enjoying Las Vegas with the entire family:

1. Gamble

A major activity in Las Vegas will always be gambling. Everything from slot machines to World Class Poker Tournaments can be found in the 24 hour day casino hotels.

2. Gambling classes

If you don't know your way around a deck of cards or a roulette wheel, why not learn as part of your activities in Las Vegas. Most of the large casinos will be happy to enroll you in a class to top off your knowledge of one or more of the games of chance.

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