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A Short Biography of Motown Legend Diana Ross
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27 May 2010

Known as one of R&B’s original divas, Diana Ross is a famous singer and actress who was instrumental in shaping the “Motown sound” in the 1960s and partly responsible for helping to change a country’s attitude about many social issues. As lead singer of the famous group The Supremes and as a solo artist, Ross has amassed over 100 million record sales across the globe.

Ross was born Diana Ernestine Earle Ross on March 26, 1944 in Detroit, Michigan. During the era, young black teenagers used to form into singing groups and perform on corners, in schools, or anywhere else they could showcase their music. Ross formed a group with some of her friends, including Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. Barbara Martin was eventually added.

The group, known as The Supremes, was signed to Motown Records in 1961. Barbara Martin left the group in 1962, and instead of replacing her, the trio of girls powered on without a fourth member. Berry Gordy felt the set up was better this way. He also noticed that Diana stood out among the girls, and in 1963, Ross became the group’s lead vocalist.

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Andy Warhol - one of the most innovative artists our time
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09 April 2010

Andy Warhol - one of the most innovative artists our timeKnown for his eccentric lifestyle including diverse social acquaintances, avant-garde films and visual art, Andy Warhol was perhaps the most famous, innovative and influential artist of the 20th century.

From the start of his art career until his death in 1987 from complications following gallbladder surgery, Andy was an ironically revered figure in the mainstream.

Andy was born Andrew Warhol in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928. Due to a childhood illness affecting his central nervous system, Andy’s extremities began to move sporadically and he developed hypochondria and always feared something was wrong. As a child that stayed mostly to himself and lived in fear, Andy’s artistic light began to shine.

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