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Private Island Rental - Ile de Chantemesle
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14 September 2010

Private Island Rental - Ile de Chantemesle Unless you’re familiar with France or you’re a major geography buff, you might not even be aware that there is a chain of beautiful private islands surrounding the country, known as the Ile de France - or the Island of France. The River Seine alone, the most exclusive section of the area, has about 60 small private islands scattered around.

A lot of the islands around this region are inhabited and built up as resorts, private residences, etc. Some are uninhabited, however, and some will remain that way. One of the larger islands of the immediate area, the island of Chantemesle (Ile de Chantemesle), is a 25 acre piece of land that could only be described as breathtaking.

There are two quaint villas located on the island, and Chantemesle offers about as much privacy as one could ever hope for. The main house is a lot larger than the guest house, but both structures blend in well with the overall look and feel of the island. There aren’t any “McMansion-style” structures on the island.

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Private Islands for Rent - Motu Tane, French Polynesia
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09 September 2010

Private Islands for Rent - Motu Tane, French PolynesiaBora Bora is unquestionably one of the hottest and most exclusive private island destinations in the world. The ultra private Motu Tane, one of the chain’s most elite islands, is able to be rented out by any one party at a time and offers up plenty of privacy without sacrificing on any scenery of the surrounding lagoon and French Polynesian waters.

The Motu Tane Island isn’t very large at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s offering up small accommodation. With only three acres of viable land to work with, the large main house, the guest house and a series of bungalows make up the island’s centerpiece.

In the native language, “Motu Tane” literally translates into “Universal Love,” and with the beautiful tropical gardens, white-sand beaches, picturesque blue skies and crystal clear waters, Motu Tane is always a prime location for honeymooners with enough money to shell out for a few nights in this one-of-a-kind location.

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Private Islands for Rent - Ile Des Deux Cocos
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22 August 2010

Off the southeast coast of Africa, the Republic of Mauritius is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the world in terms of tropical island getaways. With multiple islands strewn over the pristine waters, some of the world’s wealthiest people, as well as those fortunate enough to know about it, often vacation there in high-end island resorts.

One of the crown jewels of the island chain is the Ile Des Deux Cocos. This private island for rent is located in the heart of the Blue Bay Maritime National Park and rises from the crystal clear waters with its tall forestry to create one of the most impressive-looking islands you’ll ever see for its size.

Because it’s an island chain, there’s no sense of being deserted while you’re staying on Ile Des Deux Cocos. Looking out in most directions you’ll be able to see many of the other islands in the chain. However, there’s still a full sense of privacy when you’re on the island, and Des Deux Cocos offers plenty of beaches, trails and other activities to keep you entertained.

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Private Island Rentals - Forsyth Island, New Zealand
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17 August 2010

Over the past few decades, private islands have really picked up popularity as “in” places to rent and purchase in order to vacation in luxury. Obviously, only the uber-rich among us are able to outright purchase a private island, but more have enough financial fortune to rent one for a weekend. In the beautiful waters of the Pacific, Forsyth Island is a private paradise for rent.

Forsyth Island isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill private island. Most islands—especially those in the Caribbean chain—are smaller and sometimes in relatively remote locations. Forsyth has a commanding location in the Marlborough Sounds between the north and south isles of New Zealand.

At an impressive 2,100 acres, Forsyth Island is far more like a resort than it is a private vacation location. The sprawling landscape is covered in greenery, wraparound beaches, private homes and much more. The peaks of the island reach upwards of 1,000 feet and the overall land mass is everything you think of when you hear the word “island.”

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Private Islands for Rent - Buck Island in Caribbean
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01 August 2010

The Caribbean Sea might be riddled with multiple small islands, but they’re certainly not a dime a dozen. Some of the world’s most luxurious private homes and resorts are situated on these islands, and Buck Island, a sprawling forested mass with white-sand beaches and rocky cliffs, is one of the Caribbean’s most noted private islands for rent at the current time.

Buck Island is part of the British Virgin Islands chain in the Caribbean. In total, Buck Island is a 43-acre piece of land with 1.3 acres on the nearby Tortola. The shape of the island is quite different than others to be found in the Caribbean. The main house and other buildings are situated atop of a cliff, with the backside of the island being forested.

There are three large hills on Buck Island, one holding the main house and others offering up the natural habitat. Each hill provides full panoramic views of the Caribbean, and there is also plenty of flat land on the island for future homes and/or buildings to go up.

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Private Islands For Rent - Round Island, Seychelles
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05 July 2010

The archipelago nation of Seychelles is made up of over 100 islands of all shapes and sizes. Located to the east of Africa’s mainland in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is the home to some of the world’s most spectacular private resorts, including the famed private island for rent, Round Island.

Round Island isn’t so originally named, but it is certainly a creative work of lavish art. There’s a bit of an unflattering past with Round Island. Until 1942, it was where nearby populations used to quarantine their female lepers when leprosy was still a scary, confusing and incurable affliction. Since then, the island has been repeatedly made over and transformed into what stands today.

Like many similar islands around the globe, Round Island is a luxurious private resort that lures in the rich and famous travelers with the promise of unique scenery, a tropical climate, lush amenities, and all the seclusion they could ever hope for.

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Private Islands for Rent - Bonefish Cay, Bahamas
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30 May 2010

Bonefish Cay is a private island for rent located in the Abaco Island chain in the Bahamas. Although the island isn’t very large, only coming in at 13 acres, it’s completely decked out with a lavish, hurricane-proof home. Bonefish Cay gets its name due to the surrounding bonefish around the island.

If you want to treat yourself and friends or family, it’s rather expensive to rent: around $50,000 per week. Alternatively, you can have it for keeps as it’s up for sale at $14.5m.

The island certainly wasn’t an accident find turned into a quick money-making venture. The owners of the island worked for years to construct the housing on the island, landscape and property and the end result is a resort-like structure that encompasses much of the island. At 15,000 square feet, the buildings on the island offer plenty of room for the guests.

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