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The Eclipse 400 Private Jet
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19 February 2011

The Eclipse 400 Private JetThe Eclipse 400 Private Jet is a private jet that was first released as the Eclipse Concept Jet which was thought to be for market research purposes. This jet was shown at the Aircraft Association’s EAA AirVenture show back in 2007 and after several months of research it was considered the right kind of jet for the single engine market. As a result it was renamed as the Eclipse 400.

The Eclipse 400, as mentioned is a single engine jet which is capable of seating four people in style and comfort. The engine that powers the jet is a PW61F which is made by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Pratt & Whitney are well known in the world of aerospace and being masters of production, service and technology.

The Eclipse 400 has a V tailed jet which looks incredibly futuristic and would not be out of place in a sci-fi film. The maximum speed that the jet is said to reach is approximately 380 mph which makes it a speedy and sleek form of transport. In addition to this a single tank of fuel should allow this jet to fly around 1400 miles which makes it ideal for longer journeys as well as shorter ones.

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The Mooney Acclaim Type S Private Jet
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11 February 2011

The Mooney Acclaim Type S Private JetThe Mooney Acclaim Type S Private Jet is a single engine jet that is said to be one of the fastest private jets on the planet right now and from its specifications it is easy to see why. Not only is it incredibly fast it is also incredibly powerful and this is due to the many refinements that the Type S has been through. In addition to being fast and powerful the Acclaim Type S is also fuel efficient and reasonably cheap to run.

The avionics used inside this jet is the Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite which is simple to use and has exceptional safety features. All the data that the pilot needs is shown on LCDs which can be read in sunlight which means they can be seen clearly in all conditions. Add to this duel batteries for power backup and you can easily see why this avionics system was chosen above any other.

Inside the cabin you will find there are leather seats that are hand stitched which are both durable and comfortable. Behind the two front seats there is the choice of either two separate seats which can recline or a bench that is capable of seating three people. The Acclaim Type S also has optional air conditioning and heating and individual controls for lighting and air.

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Overview of Groundbreaking Light Aircraft Manufacturer Grob Aerospace
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25 June 2010

With popular models of aircraft to their credit like the Grob G 103 Twin Astir sailplane and Grob G109B motor glider, Grob Aerospace is a popular German-based aircraft manufacturer with nearly four decades of aviation experience.

Grob doesn’t turn out luxury private jets or huge jumbo liners like other companies, but they have been ahead of the game for a while. They first started using the strong and lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer way back in the 1970s, when other companies were still using inferior materials that added weight, drag and price to their aircraft.

The Grob line started back in 1926, when Ernst Grob first started producing internal combustion engines and other parts for the automobile industry. Ernst’s son, Dr. Burkhart Grob, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps in terms of manufacturing. However, the world was going in a new direction. Air travel was becoming popular and the rush was on to personalize it.

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Company Overview of Aircraft Manufacturers Eclipse Aviation Corporation
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01 June 2010

Technically, the Eclipse Aviation Corporation no longer exists. In 2009, a group of investors formed to purchase the company’s assets and subsequently named it Eclipse Aerospace. However, the company is in limbo at the moment, and they’re in the process of funding manufacturing and employee hires.

The original company was the manufacturer of the Eclipse 500. This lightweight jet was popular for a while, but obviously not popular enough to carry the company. Back in 1998, Vern Raburn founded the Eclipse Aviation Corporation with the help from his former boss, Bill Gates. Bill became a major shareholder and the company first took off in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While planning for the twin-engine Eclipse 500, the company relocated to Albuquerque and began to manufacture their first prototype of the jet in 2001. The first design concepts were all wrong. The engines being used were not right for the jet’s overall design, and production was scrapped and the team went back to the drawing board.

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Review of The Eurocopter Super Puma EC225
casino blog
28 May 2010

Review of The Eurocopter Super Puma EC225Introduced to the public in 2004, the Eurocopter Super Puma Mk II+ is one of the newer models of the Eurocopter line. The company hasn’t been around for a very long time. Eurocopter showed up on the scene in 1992. Today they’re one of the larger helicopter manufacturing companies dealing on a global level. They’re ranked number-one in the industry in revenues and turbine deliveries.

Eurocopter has headquarters in France, Spain and Germany, and also a number of subsidiaries in countries like the USA, Brazil and Australia. They have dozens of helicopter models on the market, plus many more in production. Although the company isn’t very large, employing only 15,600 people, their global reach is astonishing.

The Super Puma Mk II+ is one of the best ever produced by the Eurocopter Group. It’s a favorite among nearly all heli enthusiasts and turned heads at the Paris Air Show. The copter is a long-range passenger transport model, and is the next generation in the civilian Super Puma line. In terms of average helicopters, the Super Puma is absolutely huge.

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Review of Eurocopter Dauphin AS-365N-3
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09 March 2010

Review of Eurocopter Dauphin AS-365N-3The Eurocopter AS365 is perhaps the most common model of helicopter in the air today. This mid-weight, multipurpose chopper runs on a twin-engine thats both lightweight and powerful, enabling sustained, fast flight with multiple passengers. The SA and AS class of Eurocopters are used for police and hospital use, news crews, business travel, and much more.

The particular model thats in production today is the Dauphin AS-365N-3. The version of the Eurocopter was developed specifically for hot and high circumstances, as theyre referred to. The 365N 3 is a highly upgraded version of the N 1, which was used throughout most of the 1990s in the same capacity as its successor.

The 365N 3 has Arriel 2C turboshafts that are equipped with fully automated digital electronic control (FADEC). The adoption of this turbine engine is what separates the N 3 and N 3+ series from its predecessors, and both engineers and pilots agree that its a significant improvement over previous models.

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The DAHER-SOCATA TBM 850 - a jet-prop hybrid small aircraft
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25 February 2010

The DAHER-SOCATA TBM 850 - a jet-prop hybrid small aircraftFounded in 1911, the DAHER-SOCATA (formerly just Socata) general aviation group has produced over 17,000 airplanes and other items. During their tenure as one of the worlds more popular small aircraft manufacturers, SOCATA has also developed a worldwide service and support network. This network helped with their launch of the groups TBM 850.

The DAHER-SOCATA TBM 850 is a smaller aircraft thats aimed at owners and operators who want an aircraft that performs like a jet but is available at the price of a turboprop. The single-engine TBM 850 is available for around $2.9 million, making it one of the more affordable models on the market today.

The jet performance comes from the planes unique pairing of high-tech engine components and state-of-the-art navigational features. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A engine is ahead of its time in terms of pure performance from a relatively lightweight engine, and the improved flight deck model makes the TBM a maneuvering marvel.

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Worlds Top Private Jets - Grob SPn
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28 September 2009

Worlds Top Private Jets - Grob SPnFounded in 1971 by Dr. Burkhart Grob, Grob Aerospace is one of today’s more reputable manufacturers of jet aircrafts, although being one of the smallest. Grob only employs a staff of 100, and are renowned for their use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer construction - their staple since the 1970s.

The brand produces basic trainers, one and two-seaters, low wing monoplanes, and, of course, high-class business jets. Their newest addition to the aircraft community is the Grob SPn Light Business Jet.

The SPn was no easy job to tackle. Grob, known for cutting-edge construction, crafted a compact and lightweight jet that would be easy on the fuel and the wallet, but heavy on the features. From the outside, the aerodynamic jet looks to curve like a banana, and with its sleek, rocket-ship-like appearance, the SPn is aesthetically more futuristic than modern.

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The Cessna CitationJet provides luxury air travel for any executive
casino blog
08 September 2009

The Cessna CitationJet provides luxury air travel for any executiveAmong the common pilot, Cessna is one of the most well-known brands of airplanes around. Cessna is an American aircraft company, founded in 1927 and stationed in America’s heartland, Wichita, Kansas. The smaller brand is a subsidiary of Textron.

Recently, the solo-fliers’ favorite has been trying to expand their line to include the high-class business world. The Cessna CitationJet (CJ) Model 525 is the result, and as one of the first models, the CJ1+ remains among the most popular.

The CitationJets come in CJ1, CJ2, CJ3 and CJ4 editions, but they’re all just slightly different jets from the same family. Model 525 is the staple of Cessna’s business jet world, and the first CJ was launched in 1989.

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