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17 May 2011, Good Morning
Online Slots Guide - CasinoMan

Britney Spears performs special show in Las Vegas Palms, Rain nightclub

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29 March 2011

Wherever Britney Spears performs anywhere in the world there is always a frenzied audience that greets her and when she appeared on stage in Las Vegas at the Rain nightclub this was no exception. Wearing one of her usual stunningly sexy outfits she sang her first song ‘Hold it Against Me’ as she was surrounded by her sexy male dancers and the audience simply went wild. The whole set was geared up with a wind machine that had her long blonde locks floating away with the lyrics of her song as she pumped up the energy around her.

Britney’s usual lively and energetic performance with her dancers had her fans rocking with her throughout her rendition and the music kept upbeat the whole time as she lunged into her second song ‘Big Fat Bass’. Britney really knows how to grab her fans with her antics and as she danced around the stage, climbing on speakers and literally she sent the crowd into a real frenzy. This track had been remixed to include past hits such as ‘3’, ‘Slave 4 U’ and ‘Gimme More’ which her fans really appreciated as they got louder as Britney strode around the stage.

With every song Britney reappeared on stage wearing a different body hugging outfit and with her entrance of her third song this was nothing short of electric with her black latex bodysuit covered in red lights to match the futuristic set around her. She launched into her latest song ‘Till the World Ends’ to the wild cheers of the audience.

Britney’s performances are always sexy especially as she flirts with her male dancers around the stage and she certainly gets the energy levels high as she 'struts her stuff' keeping her fans on their toes the whole time. The end of the song saw her climbing a ladder to a platform above where she danced and gyrated with fireworks illuminating and falling from the platform to the stage below her.

Her new Femme Fatale album is certainly off to a good start with MTV filming the entire set which they aired on television soon after her first performance at the Rain Nightclub. This had been superbly timed to coincide with its release in the stores.

Throughout the entire performance Britney sent her fans wild. They screamed and rocked to the music as they danced up a storm with their icon. After the show Britney tweeted the millions of fans who loyally follow every move that she makes whether on or off the stage. She told them how happy she was to be back on stage. But the whole part of the cleverly planned secret show was to prepare for the release of her forthcoming album, setting the perfect stage for sales to go through the roof as soon as it hit the stores.

For those who missed her performance there are videos on the Internet which will get them in the mood to rush out to their nearest music store to invest in her latest musical masterpiece.

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