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Texas Hold'em Double Flop Rules

Double Flop Hold'em plays like regular Texas Hold'em, but with additional community cards.

Twice the Flop?
Double FlopBut it's not just the flop; it's the turn and river cards too! That's right, twice the normal amount of community cards to build your hand! When the flop is dealt there are six cards - three for the upper board and three for the lower board. After that, the turn cards are dealt, one for the upper board, and one for the lower board. Then the river cards, one for the....you get the idea.

So how many cards do I use?
Just like in Hold'em, you make your best hand of five cards from the seven available (your two pocket cards plus the five cards of the board - upper OR lower). Our Double Flop game uses only one 52-card deck, so use that to your advantage. Knowing what isn't in another player's hand is very valuable. Your King high flush looks pretty good when the Ace is on the other board with a bunch of suits that don't match! (Technically, one of the cards would have to match the Ace's suit, but we're just saying…)!

So much choice!
You can use one row and one row only to make your hand. Your choice - upper row or lower row - doesn't need to be declared, and can change throughout the hand. For instance, you have A, K in the pocket. The upper flop is 3, A, K while the lower flop is J, 8, 10. Congratulations! You have two pair. The turn cards are dealt as 8 (upper) and Q (lower). Well, maybe that lower board (and the Ace high straight it gives you) is where you want to play!

Only when all cards are dealt and all betting is completed will your best hand value automatically be determined and evaluated against the other player's hands in the showdown.

Now that you know the basics, find out why two boards might be more fun than one!

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