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Free Online Poker Site NoPayPOKER Research Reveals What You Need to Know to Win Cash in Online Poker Games

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London, United Kingdom, May 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- It is a little known fact, says NoPayPOKER.com, that success in online poker games where real cash is staked, won and lost requires a certain set of skills, and for most players it seems that developing those skills can be expensive.

Feedback from NoPay players who play free online poker and live casino poker successfully is that they assume they will be able to transfer their skills over seamlessly and win in real money online poker games. They are, in the main, then shocked to find that there are some big differences between free poker and live cash poker. Unfortunately this shock is not limited to mental shock; it also tends to be financial.

In order to help smooth the transition, free online poker site NoPayPOKER has produced a series of research and education lessons designed to throw light on how cash poker players, games and websites operate and how to survive and then thrive in the vicious cash game world.

By way of example, in lesson 1 the player will learn about the 3 types of cheats who play cash games, then in lesson 2 he or she learns how to spot and avoid cheats and cheater prone games.

Also covered is the very different player demographic to be found in online money poker, most will be unaware that the majority of players they will go up against will be under 30 year old males who are often rather aggressive in play style and their chat interaction.

Crucially the lesson covers why and how age matters in terms of the playing styles that should be used and those that will ensure continual bankroll reduction.

Players with face to face poker experiences will discover why a major live play key skill, namely that of using player notes and profiles is largely redundant in online cash poker. Instead they'll learn what sort of player signals they can look for and how they may interpret them.

NoPayPOKER.com marketing manager Nick Moseley comments, "Candidly we make money by offering zero risk free online poker games in order to train people in how to play and win at poker. Our ulterior motive in this is to refer them on to our partner cash poker sites, for example PartyPoker, Feltstars and Titan and earn the referral bonuses based on deposits and rakes."

Nick goes on to say, “So it is very much in our interests that the players we train up do well when they get there hence this series of free poker coaching lessons.”

He continues saying, “Of course, many players don’t want to risk real money and just want to play free fun poker with us and they are equally welcome and we offer a wide range of other poker training to help them improve their game just for the fun of winning. In terms of the referral business that's a numbers game that is working well for us.”

The article series has, so far, been generally very well received by NoPayPOKER members though a few have disagreed fundamentally with some of the findings which proves, once again, how divisive the subject of poker technique is.

To those people NoPayPOKER offers a challenge – Offer a viable alternative, well argued view that can benefit members in an educational sense, as opposed to non-constructive criticism and, in some cases, insults, and payment, in real money will be considered.


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