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US Government Agenda

US GovernmentThere is no single security issue for the Internet, and no single solution. As Cisco Systems, Inc. notes in its policy discussion of the issue:

"While network protocols, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, and best practices are common, regardless of business sector, function, or mission, no two companies or federal departments will have the same requirements or optimum solutions at any given time. And those requirements and solutions will change over time. . . Cooperation, not regulation or legislation, will insure that the Internet remains secure and at the same time open to the broadest possible public access."

Internet security has been a strong focus of the Office of Homeland Security, and of Richard Clarke, the advisor to President Bush on matters of cyber-security.

In December of 2001, Bush announced the formation of an executive advisory Board to counsel with administration on matters of Internet security. In addition, Clarke announced three new government initiatives:

  • A "map" of the Internet, a diagram that will outline the links that connect the nation's critical Internet infrastructure, including telecom and IT networks, power grids, and gas and oil pipelines.
  • The opening of a national center for infrastructure simulation and analysis.
  • Creation of a cyber-warning intelligence network that will link major government and commercial network operations centers to provide faster alerts of attacks.

In general, it is the policy of USIIA and its members to cooperate with law enforcement and security officials when presented with appropriate documentation, including court orders. This is consistent with Article 7 of the USIIA Code of Professional Standards.

While security issues related to viruses and other cyber-attacks will generate much discussion and some actions in 2002, the majority of direct regulatory action will focus on identity theft and merchant fraud - two problems that threaten to grow out of control. Look to the Federal Trade Commission to continue to take the lead on these issues, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Treasury Department also engaged. New, stiffer laws related to these crimes are likely in 2002. USIIA will continue to be actively involved in development of policy on these two issues.

The final issue on this topic is one of security versus privacy. Major issues will emerge as security measures are implemented related to the protection of both privacy and personal liberties. These issues are not the purview of USIIA, and we consign them to the more capable protective hands of the experts at EPIC, the ACLU, the CDT and the EFF.

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