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The Philosophical Implications of Gambling - Logic

Gambling QuestionPhilosophy - literally the love of wisdom. Hence, careful thought about the fundamental nature of the world, the grounds for human knowledge, and the evaluation of human conduct. As an academic discipline, philosophy's chief branches include logic, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics, and the appropriate aims and methods of each are the concern of metaphilosophy

Hence I will address each one of these and draw conclusions as to their relationship with gambling and what it implies to human society in the long run.

Logic - humans are intensely intrigued by the form of logic in what seems to be an unlogical being of gambling. Even though in our very minds we have already formed the logical link that the casinos always make money, we still strive to increase their earnings more. We believe that there must be some logic to the cards and the way they are dealt, and in all earnest believe that we can somehow control that logic into a winning deal or game.

Unlogical as it seems, we take what is logically obvious and apply it to the unobvious in the hope that we can balance the two and somewhere in the middle we will come out balanced. However talking about this balance we indeed hit apon the fact that logic itself can be unlogical depending on the circumstance of the situation. What seems like a logical bet on an 80% sure win, might in retrospect turn out to be the unlogical thing to do as you bet your last dollar and are unable to pay for that taxi to your hotel.

However illogical it seems, one assumes that human nature is somehow more logical than unlogical, how else did we evolve and survive on this planet. So here we are, the question really that is posed is how can a human being, logical as he or she is, become so unlogical in their thinking whilst gambling. What is it about chance and luck that turns even the most logical being into an unlogical entity?

Now, in the 21st century, the popularity of gambling online is enjoying exponential growth and, most certainly, the paradox concerning logic will apply.

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