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Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Paradise on Earth

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02 April 2011

Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Paradise on EarthSingapore boasts 50 islets all around its main island and has thousands of attractions and places to visit when travelling to this delightful part of the world. One of these is the Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. This truly extraordinary tourist attraction is set in a lush tropical rainforest environment which will take your breath away.

The park has been designed to give the impression that it is deep in a tropical jungle, but this is just an impression because it is safe to visit. You will discover the beauty of nature at its very best in this incredible park. There hundreds of butterflies that will bewilder and bewitch you as they flutter continuously around in this perfect setting. The exotic insects will fascinate you with their shapes and colours as they scuttle along the ground and rush past you through the air.

The sheer electric atmosphere of the park will thrill you with the sounds and scents of the tropical rainforest and children will be enthralled at the many things that they can do and see during a tour of the park.

There is a superb array of tropical plants and flowers that are so beautiful that their display will simply take your breath away and with over 1,500 butterflies settling on these exquisite flowers you will be impressed by the show of colours all around you. The brighter the tea shirt you wear when you visit the park the more chances you have of getting some of the exquisite butterflies to settle on you, offering the perfect photo opportunity.

You can learn so much about every single creature that you see in the park making it an ideal place for children to visit. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the park every year enjoying all that tropical nature has to offer them.

With many rare species of insects on display in their natural environments you will be able to witness new life as it bursts into the world from live pupae in the specially designed insect house. As you go deeper into the house it gets darker and this is where you will see the fireflies scooting around in front of your eyes, the experience is simply electrifying.

If you think you can handle a giant scorpion or a giant beetle then you can join in the Stage Shows that take place twice a day, but you need to be courageous to do this! For those you want something a little less scary to hold then visit the Stick Insect Safari where you can hold one of these clever creatures and watch them change colour before your eyes.

The Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is not only beautiful to behold but it is also a monument for all of these lovely creatures which have been lost to the world through modern urbanisation and deforestation programs.

This beautiful park opens every day of the week from 9am till 6.30pm and a tour around the park takes about 45 minutes. If you are in Singapore you just have to spend some time here because you will never find another park like it in the world.

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