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A review of the new Phantom show in the Venetian Las Vegas
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15 May 2011

A review of the new Phantom show in the Venetian Las Vegas
In keeping with any project or show that hits Las Vegas, the budget for the theatre that houses it’s version of Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Phantom of the Opera’ was as grand as the sets themselves. A massive $40 million went into the custom build theatre at the Venetian. Audiences have been mesmerized by this shorter version of Lloyd Webbers Broadway hit which is now called ‘Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular’ and it is not only the show itself that has them raving about the show but the 1,800 seat theatre with its elaborate seta and special effects too.

The theatre has been built to look very like the Opera Garnier in Paris with red seats and curtains, gold statues and carvings with a hand painted ceiling and eighty foot dome and typical private boxes along the sides of the theatre. There are 70 mannequins placed in each of this boxes are constant spectators, they are dressed in authentic period costume and each of these characters is an individual person as not one of looks alike.

In the centre of the theatre is a chandelier which weighs 2,100 pounds and was designed at a cost of $4.5 million. This centre piece of the hall plays a major part in the show. There are nearly 30,000 crystals that were hand strung to this amazing creation. At the start of the show this chandelier appears to be in four pieces that dramatically reassemble themselves into a single light again.

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The History of the Cricket World Cup
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10 February 2011

The History of the Cricket World CupThe Cricket World Cup is the premier international championship of men’s cricket. It is a One Day International event, also known as an ODI. The first international cricket match was in 1844 played between the US and Canada, but the first credited test match was not until 1877 between Australia and England.

In the 1900 Olympics in Paris, cricket was included as an Olympic sport and England won against France, winning the gold medal. In 1912, the first Triangular Tournament was played which was a tournament involving all three of the test playing countries of that time which were England, South Africa and Australia. This was not very successful and so in the following years only two teams played in a tournament until 1999, when the next multilateral tournament was played called the Asian Test Championship.

Over time, the number if international test cricket teams increased. In 1928 West Indies became a test team, followed by New Zealand in 1930, India in 1932 and Pakistan in 1952. However, throughout this time international test matches continued to be bilateral (two countries).

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Biography Of Eccentric Nightclub Owner Peter Stringfellow
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17 June 2010

The Stringfellows nightclubs and gentleman’s clubs in London and Paris are considered some of the top nightlife locations in the world. Many famous celebrities frequent the Stringfellows night spots, and there have even been reports of famous individuals, like Canadian actor Keifer Sutherland, being thrown out for unruly behavior.

These nightclubs are hot spots for the wealthy because of one man, Peter Stringfellow. Peter not only provides a place for the rich and famous to gather, but he himself leads an eccentric and extravagant lifestyle. The multi-millionaire businessman and nightclub magnate is constantly the butt of tabloid rumors and media bashing.

Peter Stringfellow has a Paris Hilton-like relationship with media, in that his outlandish behavior and famous spending sprees are always receiving ridicule from British media. The 69-year-old Stringfellow is berated for dressing and acting like a teenager. He is also a supporter of the UK’s Conservative Party - a position that frequently earns disrespect in the mainstream.

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The Paris Air Show 2011 Marks 103 Years Of Aviation Exhibition Excellence
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26 May 2010

The Paris Air Show 2011 Marks 103 Years Of Aviation Exhibition ExcellenceHeld at the Le Bourget Airport near Paris, France, the Paris Air Show is an international trade fair for the entire aerospace business. This commercial air show takes place every odd year and caters to the military, corporations and private customers. The last show was in 2009 and the next is scheduled for June 2011.

The Paris Air Show first arrived on the scene due to changing times regarding our use of transport. In 1908, during the Paris Automobile Show, event organizers decided to dedicate a portion of the show to the emerging aircraft. The following year in 1909, the aircraft got its own show held at the Grand Palais.

At the time, the Paris Air Show was an annual event and was doing quite well. The show happened for four years in a row until interrupted by the First World War. After the show returned in 1919, it started to be held in alternating years. The show took another break during the Second World War and returned in 1946 (held on odd years only starting in 1949).

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Overview of Christie's - the leading auction house on the planet
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08 October 2009

Overview of Christie's - the leading auction house on the planetCurrently the largest and leading auction house on the planet, Christie’s deals primarily in fine arts and has an extremely impressive resume, boasting world records for sale prices and revenue. There is also a shroud of mystery surrounding Christie’s. Many have speculated that the auction house is full of corruption, and various investigations have been conducted in attempts to prove these allegations true.

Today, Christie’s locations can be found all over the world. The company’s main salesroom is headquartered in London on King Street in the St. James’s quarter of the city, and has been in the same location since 1823. There’s also a London salesroom in South Kensington, opened in 1975.

Christie’s currently has 85 offices around the world. Not all offices are official salesrooms, but all are pertinent to the auction business. These offices can be found in New York City, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Geneva, Berlin, Spain, Milan, Rome, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mexico City, and many other locations. Christie’s was also the first auction house to exhibit works in Beijing, China, breaking the international barrier.

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Top Fashion Brand Overview of Burberry
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08 July 2009

Top Fashion Brand Overview of BurberryIt’s not always a bad thing to be considered a one-trick pony. Just ask Burberry. Although their style has contrasted some over the years, the basic appearance for all their clothing and accessories is the same: the check pattern.

This distinctive pattern has gone against the grain of conventional wisdom; the plaid-laden knit is among the most in-demand in the world of fashion.

Burberry has a string of accessories such as bikinis, sunglasses, perfume, and more, but it’s their handbags and coats that made them famous in a fashion sense. Many of today’s most wealthy and famous individuals religiously carry their Burberry bags.

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World's Top Watchmakers - Bulgari
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17 June 2009

World's Top Watchmakers - BulgariA good watch is often considered to be one of the finest instances of craftsmanship on the planet. The best watches, the timeless classics, can cost a small fortune. They’re more than timepieces; they’re small marvels of human ingenuity that you can’t rightly put value on.

One of the world’s finest watch brands is Bulgari. For over 100 years, Bulgari has been a driving force of innovation in the watch-making world. Their brand has expanded to include clothes, other jewelry, fragrances, and more, but to most, they’ll always be craftsmen of fine timepieces.

Although their brand is pushing over 100 years old, their legacy dates back thousands of years. The Bulgari family is a direct descendent of an ancient line of Greek silversmiths. If predisposition plays any factor at all in the way people live their lives, the Bulgari’s were destined to be craftsmen.

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Top Restaurant Review - Pierre Gagnaire, France
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25 March 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Pierre Gagnaire, FranceThe wheel might never need to be reinvented, but some improvements don’t hurt. The same goes for French cuisine. Although it’s one of the oldest and most well-respected cuisines in the world, improvements and innovations on the classic style only work to make the age-old cooking style more appealing.

Pierre Gagnaire, the world’s foremost innovator of French cuisine, has successfully updated this centuries old technique and his self-named restaurant in Paris is one of the most dynamic, cutting-edge, and popular places to eat in the world. This iconoclastic chef is the owner of 6 world-renowned restaurants, but none are as famous as Pierre Gagnaire Paris.

Pierre’s style of French cuisine is for the refined palate only. You won’t find cheeseburgers or nachos in his Paris location, nor will you find gut-busting plate sizes for the high price of one of the meals. Gagnaire’s dishes exude formal elegance with their petite proportions and robust richness. His "modern French" evolution is considered the new trend among chefs.

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Top Restaurant Review - L'Astrance, France
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04 March 2009

Top Restaurant Review - L'Astrance, FranceMost wouldn’t be surprised to learn that over half of the world’s top 50 restaurants deal in some soft of French cuisine. Being one of the most popular cooking "styles" in the world, French cuisine can be found all over the globe. So that’s no surprise. It is surprising to learn, however, that only a handful of these restaurants are actually located in France. Behind El Bulli (#1), Pierre Gagnair (#3), and Bras (#7), L’Astrance is the 4th highest ranked restaurant in France, making the list at #11 in the world. With classical French cuisine served up by head chef Pascal Barbot, L’Astrance continues to climb the ranks in popularity.

Barbot opened L’Astrance in 2000 and has since been making big waves throughout the world. With his small and formal dining room tucked away on a quite street in Paris, the unassuming L’Astrance is a total paradox from outer shell to inner beauty. Chef Barbot is only in his mid 30s, but has honed his talents for the cuisine in some of Europe’s top restaurants. Recently, L’Astrance was the recipient of a two-star rating from the Michelin Guide, and both sides of the Atlantic have praised his cuisine as among the best and most innovative the world has seen in decades.

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